Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Doug Arnold for Williamson County Court At Law

While I've spent much time discussing Texas House races, there are some very important Judicial contests on the 2010 ballot. One of those is for Williamson County Court at Law #3. Doug Arnold, the GOP nominee, is exceptionally qualified. He has 15 years experience as an attorney for various government entities, has published articles regarding legal issues, and has served as an instructor. Williamson County residents are fortunate to have such a stellar candidate for the local bench.

One almost hesitates to even mention Doug Arnold's opponent in this race, as she exemplifies the utter lack of electable Democrats in the area. Since her arrest last Summer, she has barely attempted a campaign; her only tactic seems to be placing campaign signs next to Republicans in hopes that voters will be confused about her political affiliation.

You can meet Doug Arnold at a special reception on Thursday, October 14. The event will take place from 5pm-7pm at the Independent Bank Meeting Room at 1503 Rivery Blvd, in Georgetown.

Other important Judicial candidates include some really strong Republican Women: Judge Debra Lehrmann for Texas Supreme Court, Melissa Goodwin for the Texas Third Court of Appeals, and Judge Suzanne Brooks for Williamson County Court at Law #1.

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