Thursday, October 21, 2010

"No-Show" Maldonado

While Representative Diana Maldonado is touting her work on the Veterans Affairs Committee as a reason to re-elect her, it seems she didn't actually show up for work very often.  According to records, Maldonado missed more than half of the votes on bills voted out of the veterans committee.  She also missed opening roll call 66% of the time she did bother to attend committee hearings.  Unlike most freshman, Maldonado has one of the worst attendance records in the house, and is ranked in the bottom 20%. 

Of course this comes as no surprise to citizens of Round Rock.  Diana Maldonado is notoriously late for nearly every event:   the swearing-in of new school board members last May, the grand opening events for Cedar Ridge High School, the re-naming of Hernandez High School, and even for her own campaign events.  It has gotten to the point where folks take bets on just how late she will be or whether she will show up at all.

Life happens, and we have all been late or had to miss important events from time to time.  However, Maldonado's record reveals her consistent tardiness and absenteeism.  What is worse is the lack of respect Representative Maldonado seems to have for the time and needs of others.  While one might convincingly argue that given her left-of-center-votes, it is really best if she doesn't show up, the Citizens of District 52 deserve better.  It is time to terminate No-Show Maldonado, and send a Conservative, and reliable, representative to the Texas House.

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