Friday, October 15, 2010

Ethics Investigation Into Representative Diana Maldonado's Finances

In a previous post I wrote about the Diana Maldonado campaign's attempt to 'play chicken' with the Texas Ethics Commission. According to the TEC, Diana Maldonado filed a campaign finance report on July 15, 2010, in which she left off multiple political contributions totalling nearly $60,000. In addition, Maldonado failed to report 90% of her political expenditures, and had to file a corrected report. An error here or there could be attributed to an oversight, but the extent of these omissions indicate there may have been an attempt to circumvent campaign finance law.

Unfortunately, at that time I was not aware that the Texas Ethics Commission is not permitted to investigate such egregious violations unless an individual files a complaint. As a citizen of Texas House District 52, on Wednesday I filed an official complaint regarding this matter, and now the TEC has moved forward with an investigation.

I have learned today that a second complaint has been filed against Representative Maldonado regarding her Personal Financial Disclosure, which allegedly fails to report any income whatsoever. I am not sure how anyone manages to live without any income, but apparently Maldonado has discovered a way. The Texas Ethics Commission is investigating this matter as well.

These are very serious legal matters, and the citizens of House District 52 deserve an answer to these questions. Hopefully the Texas Ethics Commission will get to the bottom of Diana Maldonado's finances quickly.

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martywd said...

Glad to see someone's paying attention.   Thank you for your efforts!