Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Kay Bailey Hutchison Will Stay in Senate

An Open Letter to the People of Texas:

Thank you for the great privilege and responsibility of representing you in the United States Senate. Immediately after the conclusion of the primary election for Texas Governor, I returned to Washington and resumed my obligations to Texas as its Senior Senator. Recent weeks have been dramatic as I have worked tirelessly with the majority of our Texas congressional delegation to try to stop costly and cumbersome health care legislation that I am convinced is the wrong prescription for our state and nation. While President Obama, Senator Reid and Speaker Pelosi used strong arm tactics to push their legislation through, this fight is far from over.

Americans will begin experiencing the true costs of this legislation in the months and years ahead. Along with higher taxes, I am convinced we will see higher premiums for health insurance coverage, significant cuts in Medicare, and greater pressure on state budgets like ours in Texas. Republicans are committed to reforms that will improve health care without massive government intrusion in the private market. We will continue to work through the November elections and beyond to repeal and replace this legislation with true reform that will expand access while reducing costs and minimizing government intervention in health care.

For family reasons, I had planned to begin making a transition home to Texas this spring. Yet, it is clear to me that the stakes in our nation’s capitol have never been higher. President Obama’s victory on health care legislation has emboldened those who want an even bigger and more intrusive federal government. The very future of our country is at risk as we face unsustainable levels of national debt. The ongoing debate over health care, along with proposed cap and trade legislation that would devastate our Texas economy, promises to get even more intense in the months ahead.

Since the primary in March, I’ve heard from constituents and colleagues urging me to stay in the Senate for my full term, which ends in 2012. They argue that my seniority and experience will be critical for Texas. I’ve worked closely with members of Congress from Texas, and seen firsthand how hard they are fighting to represent our state and our conservative principles. I recently received a letter from every Republican member of Congress from Texas, urging: “we hope you realize how necessary your continued service in the U.S. Senate is, for Texas and for our country. Quite simply, there is no person more capable, more committed and more caring to stand up with John Cornyn and fight Texas’s fights in the U.S. Senate. We, as Republican members of the Texas delegation to Congress, pledge to you that, if you will stay and fight, we will fight alongside you.”

On a personal level, this has been a most difficult decision, but after much deliberation, I have decided to complete the term to which you elected me. I will work alongside our great Texas congressional delegation to repeal and replace President Obama’s health reform, to stop cap and trade legislation and to cut the deficit the President is building that puts our economy in peril. I will continue to use my experience to try to stop this unprecedented expansion of our federal government and its intrusion in our private lives and in the private sector.

Throughout my years of public service, I’ve tried to do what is best for Texas. And what is happening in Washington today is not good for Texas.

Kay Bailey Hutchison

John Gordon is a Ticking Time Bomb


Just heard the radio ad that hit the airwaves today that exposes John Gordon as a "Ticking Time Bomb."


The ad exposes Gordon's various arrests and lawsuits, and refers to this item from court records:

“After entering the Republican Party Headquarters, Plaintiff was confronted by Defendant John Gordon, Secretary of the Williamson County Republican Party…Defendant Gordon immediately verbally attacked Plaintiff in an almost violent confrontation threatening to destroy Plaintiff and Plaintiff’s wife, Vivian Wood, if Plaintiff filed in the Republican General Primary of March 8, 1994,for State Representative District 52. More particularly, Defendant John Gordon threatened to beat Plaintiff to pieces and to ruin his political career and political career of his wife.”

Is this the kind of person we want representing us in the Texas House?

The Truth About John Gordon

Oh boy.

Looks like the truth about John Gordon is finally seeping out...

YouTube video

Video shows Gordon's attitude toward law enforcement that prompts officer to call for backup...

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

They Endorse Larry Gonzales

Texas Comptroller Susan Combs

Texas Agricultural Commissioner Todd Staples

State Representative Dan M. Gattis

Joe Pojman, Ph.D., Exec. Director, Texas Alliance for Life

Williamson Co. District Attorney John Bradley

Williamson Co. Commissioner Lisa Birkman

Williamson Co. Commissioner Cynthia Long

Williamson Co. Commissioner Valerie Covey

Williamson Co. County Attorney Jana Duty

Williamson Co. Constable Robert Chody

Round Rock Mayor Pro-Tem Joe Clifford

Round Rock Councilmember George White

Georgetown City Councilmember Pat Berryman

Taylor Mayor Pro-Tem Ella Jez

Hutto Economic Dev. Vice Pres. Scott Heselmayer

Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority Board Member Jim Mills

Former Round Rock Mayor Nyle Maxwell

Former Round Rock Mayor Charlie Culpepper

Former Williamson County Commissioner David Hays

Former Round Rock City Councilmember Gary Coe

Former Round Rock ISD Trustee Judy McLeod

Round rock business and neighborhood leader Bob Eskridge

Immediate Past President of the Williamson Co. Republican Women Holly Hansen

Williamson Co. Republican Assembly President David MacEwan

Republican Party Secretary Cindi McIntyre

Republican Pct. 427 Chairman Gayle Collins

Republican Pct. 172 Chairman Steve Armbruster

Republican Pct. 138 Chairman Lenny Nichols

Republican Pct. 160 Chairman Rick Birkman

Former Republican Party Candidate for State Rep., Dist. 52 Bryan Daniel

Former Republican Party Candidate for State Rep., Dist. 52 Dee Hobbs

Former Round Rock Chamber Chairman Landy Warren

Former Round Rock Chamber Chairman Hollis Bone

Former Round Rock Planning & Zoning Commissioner Craig Morgan

Darryl Pool, former WilCo GOP Chairman

Ray Stilwell, WilCo GOP Sgt. at Arms

Stephen Balkum, WilCo GOP Sgt. at Arms

Johanna Lehane, former WilCo Rep. Women officer

Kevin Christian, Former. E.D., Governor's West Texas Office of Economic Development and Tourism

Eric Opiela, Former E.D., Republican Party of Texas

Donna Garcia Davidson, Former Gen,Counsel/RPT

Michael Truncale, State Executive Cmte. - SD4

Wayne Christian, State Representative, Chairman, Texas Conservative Coalition

Mike Robinson, former RR mayor

Tish Oatman, former RR City Councilmember

Scot Knight, former RR City Councilmember

Reid Ryan, President - RR Express Baseball Club

"Big Boy" Hester, 2009 RR Chamber "Citizen of the Year"

Jan Konarik, Past Chair Taylor Chamber of Commerce, Current Chair, Taylor Mainstreet Advisory Board

Loretta Patschke, Coupland resident, Taylor Chamber of Commerce Ambassador

Brad Stewart, Georgetown business owner

Joe Schram, Business Owner, retired minister

David Arnold, Business Owner

Andy Moldenhauer, Retired Educator

Ralph Pina, former HD52 GOP candidate

Charles Avery

John S. Avery

Carl and Deanna Miller

Gregg Miller

Will Peckham

Randy Samuelson

Cari Christman-Ott

Justin W. Williamson

Eric and Jen Stratton

Justin and Shannon Flores

Lavon Mills

Amanda Heselmayer

Pam Drawbaugh

Scott Swindell

Lori Scott

James Bernsen

Holly Coe

Stacie Bryan

Doug Pittman

Ryan Therrell

Brian “Trip” Fell

Sean Stevens

Hate Mail

Wow, the Gordon campaign is really scraping the barrel with their latest mudslinging mailer. Now they are accusing Larry Gonzales of holding a 'shell real estate' company, registered to his home, "without a real estate license."

Good grief.

Here's the truth: Larry Gonzales' grandfather, a native Texan, was a businessman and real estate investor, but always held his property in a sole proprietorship. In 2004, Larry Gonzales and his father formed an LLC, with the intention of moving the real estate holdings there for better management and insurability. They later decided to liquidate the holdings instead, but Gonzales has retained the LLC in case he decides to follow in his grandfather's business footsteps at some point.

And the last time I checked, there is nothing illegal or unethical about investing in real estate, and one is NOT required to hold a real estate license to own property or create an LLC.

What else will John Gordon try to make into a negative? Remember, Larry Gonzales IS a monogamous heterosexual, and hispanic to boot!

Psst, Gonzales is Hispanic

Although it pains me to even have to bring this up, I am afraid I have to address the despicable 'whisper campaign' that has been launched against Larry Gonzales, Republican candidate for Texas House District 52.

Here's the elephant in the room: His last name is Gonzales.


Some Gordon supporters are 'whispering' that 'Gonzales' is a 'Mexican' who supports open borders, amnesty, and won't defend English as the official language of the U.S. Government. We've even had one poor, ignorant soul refer to Gonzales as a 'foreigner.'

Here are the facts about Larry Gonzales and his stance on immigration issues:

Larry Gonzales is a fourth-generation Texan, who grew up in the Houston area. His father was an aerospace engineer at NASA, his grandfather was a business owner and farmer in Pearland, and his great-grandfather was a farmer and a pastor, also in Pearland, Texas. Yes, he is bilingual and likes tortilla soup. Me too.

As for his stance on immigration issues, Gonzales has demonstrated a thorough understanding of border issues and the legislative jurisdiction afforded to the states. Rather than relegating border issues to the Federal government, he is proposing a series of measures for Texas:

Protect State Documents:
Protect the legitimacy of state documents such as birth certificates,
marriage certificates, and drivers licenses, ensuring they are not counterfeited and used illegally.

Equip Law Enforcement Officers:
Equip law enforcement officers with the tools and resources necessary to do their job and protect our communities and families from harm.

Reduce Unfunded Mandates
Work with our Congressional leaders and be our advocate to stop unfunded federal
mandates which require Texas to spend billions of state tax dollars on services for illegal immigrants.

Monitor Student Visas
Occasionally, an international student here on a student visa will drop all their classes and their whereabouts are not accounted for. That's why Larry will fight for better communication betweeen state agencies to monitor the status of academic work for those here on a student visa.

Protect our System of Legal Immigration
America is a nation of immigrants, but it’s also a nation built on the rule of
law, and we must stand up and defend that principle.

Establish a State Guard Facility on the Border
Establish a state guard training facility along the South Texas border, for more law enforcement presence in that region to help end the inhumane practice of human trafficking and other illegal entries into this country.

So can we stop the whispering and the stoking of some dark under-current of xenophobia against a native Texan already?

Monday, March 29, 2010

TLR Endorses Larry Gonzales in Texas HD52

(Austin, TX) Texans for Lawsuit Reform PAC announced its endorsement of Larry Gonzales today in the Republican Run-Off Election in House District 52. The election is scheduled for April 13. In making the endorsement, TLR PAC Chairman Richard J. Trabulsi, Jr. said:

“Larry Gonzales is a young, independent-thinking and articulate leader who will be a great asset to the Texas House. He is committed to the principles of lawsuit reform and will work for the best interests of House District 52 and all of Texas. Larry will be an effective advocate for his constituents, being able to call on his experiences in the private sector as well as his past work for the Lt. Governor, the Attorney General and several Members of the House of Representatives.”

Gonzales is the owner of a graphics company in Round Rock, where he has lived with his family for 13 years. Before launching his business, Gonzales served as Assistant Vice Chancellor for Governmental Relations for the Texas State University System (TSUS) as a liaison to the Texas Legislature and other state agencies.

House District 52 is located in Williamson County.

TLR PAC is the political arm of Texans for Lawsuit Reform, the state's largest civil justice reform organization. TLR is a bipartisan, volunteer-led coalition with more than 17,000 supporters residing in 869 Texas communities and representing 1,266 different businesses, professions and trades. For more information about TLR visit

Gordon Thinks the Texas Ethics Commission is a Joke

The Williamson County Sun newspaper doesn't post an on-line edition, so many of you probably missed this, but a few weeks ago The Sun reported that John Gordon, candidate for the Texas House of Representatives, District 52, intentionally violated the laws for campaign reporting and has refused to pay the associated fines handed down by the Texas Ethics Commission.

According to the news report, Gordon stated he deliberately did not file his first campaign finance reports on time, saying, “the Texas Ethics Commission is a joke.”

Gordon joins the ever-colorful, biennial candidate Jim Dillon in proudly refusing to pay the legal fines required for ethics violations under Texas Law. (For those who do not know Jim Dillon, he has run for some 4 different offices, was Democrat candidate for Texas House of Representatives in 2008, and was defeated in the GOP Primary race for County Commissioner Pct. 2 in 2010.)

Although Gordon's refusal to comply with campaign reporting requirements will not result in removal from the ballot, it may lead to increased fines. The initial fine is $500, but could increase to as much as $10,000. Gordon would also be reported to the Texas Comptroller's office for a warrant hold.

Gordon's response? “I'll subpoena them. There is so much wrong with the filing system, so I'll take them to court so I can bring to their attention what is wrong.”

Ah, another Gordon lawsuit. I guess since he dropped the suits against Alyssa Eacono, one of his opponents in the Primary, against the Williamson County Republican Party, and against Wilco GOP Chairman Bill Fairbrother, his lawyer needs something new to do.

Here's a scan of the article:

Not Intimidated

Since someone has hacked and disabled my blog at Smart Girl Politics, and I have not yet been reinstated, I'm starting anew here. I may be small, but I'm not easily intimidated!

Whom then shall I fear?