Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Psst, Gonzales is Hispanic

Although it pains me to even have to bring this up, I am afraid I have to address the despicable 'whisper campaign' that has been launched against Larry Gonzales, Republican candidate for Texas House District 52.

Here's the elephant in the room: His last name is Gonzales.


Some Gordon supporters are 'whispering' that 'Gonzales' is a 'Mexican' who supports open borders, amnesty, and won't defend English as the official language of the U.S. Government. We've even had one poor, ignorant soul refer to Gonzales as a 'foreigner.'

Here are the facts about Larry Gonzales and his stance on immigration issues:

Larry Gonzales is a fourth-generation Texan, who grew up in the Houston area. His father was an aerospace engineer at NASA, his grandfather was a business owner and farmer in Pearland, and his great-grandfather was a farmer and a pastor, also in Pearland, Texas. Yes, he is bilingual and likes tortilla soup. Me too.

As for his stance on immigration issues, Gonzales has demonstrated a thorough understanding of border issues and the legislative jurisdiction afforded to the states. Rather than relegating border issues to the Federal government, he is proposing a series of measures for Texas:

Protect State Documents:
Protect the legitimacy of state documents such as birth certificates,
marriage certificates, and drivers licenses, ensuring they are not counterfeited and used illegally.

Equip Law Enforcement Officers:
Equip law enforcement officers with the tools and resources necessary to do their job and protect our communities and families from harm.

Reduce Unfunded Mandates
Work with our Congressional leaders and be our advocate to stop unfunded federal
mandates which require Texas to spend billions of state tax dollars on services for illegal immigrants.

Monitor Student Visas
Occasionally, an international student here on a student visa will drop all their classes and their whereabouts are not accounted for. That's why Larry will fight for better communication betweeen state agencies to monitor the status of academic work for those here on a student visa.

Protect our System of Legal Immigration
America is a nation of immigrants, but it’s also a nation built on the rule of
law, and we must stand up and defend that principle.

Establish a State Guard Facility on the Border
Establish a state guard training facility along the South Texas border, for more law enforcement presence in that region to help end the inhumane practice of human trafficking and other illegal entries into this country.

So can we stop the whispering and the stoking of some dark under-current of xenophobia against a native Texan already?

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