Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hate Mail

Wow, the Gordon campaign is really scraping the barrel with their latest mudslinging mailer. Now they are accusing Larry Gonzales of holding a 'shell real estate' company, registered to his home, "without a real estate license."

Good grief.

Here's the truth: Larry Gonzales' grandfather, a native Texan, was a businessman and real estate investor, but always held his property in a sole proprietorship. In 2004, Larry Gonzales and his father formed an LLC, with the intention of moving the real estate holdings there for better management and insurability. They later decided to liquidate the holdings instead, but Gonzales has retained the LLC in case he decides to follow in his grandfather's business footsteps at some point.

And the last time I checked, there is nothing illegal or unethical about investing in real estate, and one is NOT required to hold a real estate license to own property or create an LLC.

What else will John Gordon try to make into a negative? Remember, Larry Gonzales IS a monogamous heterosexual, and hispanic to boot!

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