Thursday, June 9, 2011

Summer Sabbatical

While our leviathan government never seems to relent, we humans need rest now and then. Since I only answer to God, I've decided to take a Summer Sabbatical. My 'pay' of course will remain the same while I relax and enjoy my beloved husband and precious children. I may post occasionally over the next two months, but won't return 'full-time' until Fall.

I hope readers are all watching for results from the Texas Legislative Special Session, and the continued machinations of the Round Rock Independent School District.  The latter recently remembered they received oh, $6 million in stimulus money, but the Super Super still plans to fire teachers.  Never mind that the budget adjustments are significantly less than what Liberals insisted they would be, and of course you must pay no attention to that $198 million in rainy day funds the RRISD has amassed with your tax dollars.   

But hey, have a great Summer!