Saturday, October 30, 2010

Support Agape Pregnancy Resource Center

Hopefully by the end of next week we will all be in a celebratory mood!  As part of your celebration, please consider joining me next Friday evening at Round Rock's Agape Pregnancy Resource Center Banquet.  The keynote speaker, Rebecca Contreras, is a great speaker and she has a powerful pro-life story that will give hope to women in dire circumstances.  Agape PRC meets an important need in our community.  While Planned Parenthood clinics sell abortions for profit, Agape and other centers are non-profit organizations that work to change the lives of young women facing unplanned pregnancies. The volunteers there are truly angels who lovingly give of their time and talent day in and day out.

Please help Agape continue to provide help and hope to young women in our community.  For details, see the media release below.

For Immediate Release
Contact: Jo Markham
Director of Development
(512) 248-8200
(512) 496-2391 cell

October 20, 2010

Agape Pregnancy Resource Center Annual BBQ and Auction

Former White House Official to Share Powerful Story of Poverty and Addiction

Former White House official and local philanthropist Rebecca Contreras will be the keynote speaker at the Agape Pregnancy Resource Center's annual banquet on Friday, November 5. The event will be at the TDS Exotic Game Ranch in Austin from 6:30-9:00 pm. Congressman John Carter will serve as the master of ceremonies, and Congresswoman Michele Bachmann will deliver a special video message.

The powerful story of Rebecca Contreras is one that began in hopelessness, poverty, addiction and failure, but has become a source of great inspiration to many across the nation. Despite her beginnings, Rebecca eventually became the Special Assistant to President George W. Bush for Presidential Personnel, overseeing the President's appointments for part-time board and commission positions in the federal government. She also served as a representative for the President with National Hispanic groups. Later, President Bush appointed her to be Chief of Human Capital at the Department of U.S. Treasury and to the Board of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. Rebecca is currently the Executive Vice-President of the federal practice for Knowledge Bank Inc. and an American Bible Society board trustee. She and her husband are also the founders of Launch Pad: The Center for Building Hopes and Dreams, a faith-based non-profit that focuses on reaching, equipping, and empowering disadvantaged inner city youth.

The Agape Pregnancy Resource Center is a faith-based non-profit organization dedicated to changing the lives of women by providing practical help and loving support to those facing an unplanned pregnancy. In addition. the center offers clients free classes on parenting, childbirth, newborn care, financial planning, nutrition, infant CPR & first aid, Bible Study, Hopes & Dreams, and independent work videos. Since opening in 2004, over 6,500 clients from Round Rock and the surrounding community have come to Agape PRC for assistance.

For more information regarding the November 5 banquet or the Agape Pregnancy Resource Center, please contact Development Director Jo Markham at (512) 248-8200, or visit our website at

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Rep Kino Flores Convicted: Is Diana Maldonado Next?

Representative Kino Flores, a Democrat from the Rio Grande Valley, was found guilty of multiple charges of tampering with government records and perjury.  It seems Flores had failed to report his sources of income on required personal financial disclosure forms.  He could face up to two years in prison.

As I reported in a recent post, an ethics complaint has been filed against Representative Diana Maldonado for the same offense.  It seems her personal financial disclosure form included no sources of income whatsoever.  As the Flores conviction demonstrates, this is no small matter.  If, in fact, Maldonado has attempted to hide her income sources, she too may find herself in an orange jumpsuit. 

Diana Maldonado's Attack Ad Backfires: Updated

Did you see it?  Nope, probably not.  Representative Diana Maldonado's attack ad hasn't aired much and they haven't posted it on the internet.

Update:  We finally found the ad on Youtube:

According to those who saw it on Austin television stations Monday, the ad opens with scenes of the University of Texas tower and references to the troubled young man who fired shots and killed himself at the school on September 28.  The ad then cuts to Larry Gonzales at a candidate forum discussing Texas' Concealed Handgun License program.  Gonzales asks "How many of you guys on the way here had a shoot-out...?  (Gonzales' question was in reference to opponents of the original CHL legislation who claimed that 'blood would run in the streets' since there would be 'shoot-outs' at every intersection.)

Apparently the Maldonado campaign was flooded with outraged phone calls and emails because many Central Texas residents felt that the ad exploited the UT tragedy for political gain and was horribly insensitive to Colton Tooley's family and friends. 

Diana Maldonado also sent a mailer, basically a milder print version of the TV ad, those who have seen it are outraged. 
(HT:  Lawrence Person's Battleswarm Blog)

In addition to the insensitivity to the Tooley tragedy, Diana Maldonado seems to have seriously misread Texans' love for their 2nd Amendment rights.  Heck, when Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson includes the fact that he carries a gun in his boot in his radio ad, and it's a good thing, campaigning against such an important Constitutional right can only misfire. 

For your listening pleasure, Jerry Patterson's great ad.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Re-Elect Williamson County Commissioner Ron Morrison

Williamson County Commissioner, Precinct 4, Ron Morrison is seeking a second 4-year term to office.  A former Round Rock Chamber 'Citizen of the Year,' Morrison has been a staunch supporter of law enforcement and transportation projects, and the county property tax rate is lower now than when he took office in 2006.  Although under extreme pressure from various groups to raise taxes this year, Morrison cast a vote to cut spending and hold the property tax rate steady.  Consequently, most homeowners will see a slight reduction in their county property tax bill this year. 

Jeff Maurice, Commissioner Morrison's Democrat opponent, has run a very low profile campaign.  Although earlier this year he was very vocal about his support for President Obama's policies, especially the stimulus bill, his meager campaign material includes no party identification whatsoever and might lead the uniformed to believe Maurice is a 'Conservative.' 

As a member of the left-leaning Williamson County Public Policy Coalition and the Hutto Citizens Group, Maurice has tried to sting Morrison by blaming the Commissioner for everything from the federal illegal immigrant detention center to a landfill contract signed long before Morrison's term.  When the Commissioners renegotiated the landfill contract, Maurice then complained that the county did not receive a higher percentage of landfill trash-dumping fees, but ignored the fact that the county's new negotiated share of 14.5%, is more than double the rate received prior to Commissioner Morrison's term. 

Maurice has hoped to conceal his party affiliation and activist history, but has little to offer Williamson County. Furthermore, his complaints about the incumbent are very thin. Commissioner Morrison is a responsive incumbent, and residents should re-elect him.

Monday, October 25, 2010

On The Ballot: Round Rock Proposition 1

In addition to the more publicized contests for elected offices, citizens of Round Rock are voting on Proposition 1 this year. The "Prop the Rock" option involves a half-cent sales tax for a "Type B" city economic development corporation voters approved back in 1997. These economic development programs are common to many cities, but Round Rock's EDC is unusual in that it is restricted to transportation projects only. (A dire need in 1997).

Now city officials are asking voters to approve an adjustment of Round Rock's EDC so that, like other cities, funds may be spent on additional economic development projects such as business and industrial site development and community facilities.

While it is hard to get passionate about Prop 1 on either side of the issue, I voted yes since there is no tax increase involved, and, by allowing the city to use current revenues in additional ways, there is no good reason for the city to ask for tax increases later.

Of course in the last session, Representative Diana Maldonado voted to revive 'streamlined sales tax' legislation, a measure that would 'redistribute' Internet sales tax revenue away from Round Rock. Defeated in 2009, the Streamlined Sales Tax is still very much a part of the Democrat wish list. If Maldonado has her way and Democrats succeed in passing SST, the City's tax revenue could be by cut by 40%, thus opening a whole new can of tax worms.

My recommendation? "Yes" on Prop the Rock, a resounding "No" on Diana Maldonado.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

"No-Show" Maldonado

While Representative Diana Maldonado is touting her work on the Veterans Affairs Committee as a reason to re-elect her, it seems she didn't actually show up for work very often.  According to records, Maldonado missed more than half of the votes on bills voted out of the veterans committee.  She also missed opening roll call 66% of the time she did bother to attend committee hearings.  Unlike most freshman, Maldonado has one of the worst attendance records in the house, and is ranked in the bottom 20%. 

Of course this comes as no surprise to citizens of Round Rock.  Diana Maldonado is notoriously late for nearly every event:   the swearing-in of new school board members last May, the grand opening events for Cedar Ridge High School, the re-naming of Hernandez High School, and even for her own campaign events.  It has gotten to the point where folks take bets on just how late she will be or whether she will show up at all.

Life happens, and we have all been late or had to miss important events from time to time.  However, Maldonado's record reveals her consistent tardiness and absenteeism.  What is worse is the lack of respect Representative Maldonado seems to have for the time and needs of others.  While one might convincingly argue that given her left-of-center-votes, it is really best if she doesn't show up, the Citizens of District 52 deserve better.  It is time to terminate No-Show Maldonado, and send a Conservative, and reliable, representative to the Texas House.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Planned Parenthood is Big Business of the Worst Kind

Last night I had the opportunity to attend the Texas Alliance for Life dinner in Austin.  Abby Johnson, former Director of Planned Parenthood Clinics in Houston, gave a powerful, unforgettable, keynote address. 

Abby Johnson, a past "Employee of the Year" for Planned Parenthood, described how the organization's representatives recruited her as a college student and how she worked her way through the ranks, all the while believing she was 'helping women.'  Her perspective began to change when supervisors instructed her to double the number of abortions performed each year since "abortions are where we make our money."

Abby's breaking point came, however, when for the first time in her 8-year career with Planned Parenthood, she decided to witness an ultrasound-assisted abortion.  While viewing the monitor, she noted the 13-week-old 'fetus' was fully-formed, and was a male.  To her horror, when the probe came in contact with the 'fetus,' the tiny creature flailed its arms and legs and tried to move away.  With the abortionist's words, "beam 'em up, Scotty," the baby boy was vacuumed away. 

As Abby stated, that child had no choice, and never had a chance against the 3 'big' people in the room, herself included. 

Abby resigned that day, and is now educating the public about the real nature of Planned Parenthood and she is working to stop the $300 million in subsidies taxpayers provide to the abortion industry giant each year. 

Abby's compelling testimony, and her assertion that this evil industry continues in our society due to apathy, will hopefully change a few more hearts and minds about the true nature of the abortion industry.  Many of our elected officials, like State Representative Diana Maldonado, take huge contributions from  Planned Parenthood and work to protect the abortion industry, while hampering the efforts of non-profit pregnancy resource centers.  It is time to heed Abby Johnson's call and stop tax-payer support of abortion 'big business.'

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Williamson County Democrat Party Chair Resigns, Endorses Gonzales

WOW, what a news day!  Here is the press release from Democrat Party Chair Greg Windham.  It will be interesting to see how the Diana Maldonado campaign spins this.  Grab the popcorn...

For Immediate Release
Gregory S Windham
Gregory S Windham, WCDP Chair

Democratic Chair Resigns

Windham Endorses Republican in District 52
Georgetown, Texas - Recently elected Democratic Chairman, Gregory S Windham, announced his resignation from the Chairmanship today citing differences of opinion over the State and National Democratic Agenda and support of a Republican candidate as his reasons.

A Message to Democrats

It is quite apparent that many members of the Williamson County Democratic Party leadership are interested in following a more liberal national agenda than listening to the majority of their constituents here locally. As a fifth-generation Texan and longtime supporter of Conservative, Texas principles, I find myself isolated within the party ranks and unable to relay my message of fiscal responsibility, family values, free-markets, and fair play.

The divisive, rigid leadership with the State and local party have made it clear from the beginning of this term that they have no interest in my opinions; engaging in personal name calling, the marginalization of the Chair's voice, and claiming my Texas ideals are out of touch.
I have a hatred of tyranny and contempt for its tools and being that I cannot sit down quietly and allow my mind be used for the spreading of an agenda that will further divide our citizenry, I choose now to resign as Chairman.I give heartfelt thanks to my many supporters whose tireless work helped me get elected to this position. I am sincere in my hopes that Williamson County residents will take control of the political process from the many hand picked representatives of the left who now hold the keys to our political process. 
After several opportunities to hear the candidates for State House Rep 52, I have decided to support Larry Gonzales as the next Williamson County State Representative. Larry's experience, intelligence, and knowledge of the political process far exceed that of the Democratic candidate. He is a family man, business owner, and a gentleman willing to build bridges and represent his district rather than his party.
Texas and America are facing a perfect storm. We must work together, hand in hand, to guide our way to safe shores. The continual mockery of each others positions and platforms only deepens our internal wounds. Compromise is necessary and I urge all who have interest in Liberty and a zeal for truth to listen carefully to all opinions and, above all, practice the Golden Rule.

God Bless You and God Bless Texas

Gregory S Windham
Georgetown, Texas
# # #

SBOE Fashionista Judy Jennings: Hatred is in Style!

Apparently Democrat candidate for State Board of Education Judy Jennings has already planned her wardrobe for her first day on the job if elected.  During an exchange with a supporter, Jennings enthusiastically agreed to wear an offensive, T-shirt to her "first meeting" after viewing this picture.  (WARNING:  OFFENSIVE LANGUAGE). 

Apparently, this is a part of the liberal campaign to convince voters that Conservatives don't want to teach "science."  However, it is the left-wing ideologues who want to teach certain elements of scientific theory as a sacred religion.  They insist that only one earth-origin theory be presented to students, and that it should be presented as gospel truth without any critique whatsoever. 

More reasonable thinkers argue that science teachers should not only teach various life-origin scientific theories, but also the processes of the Scientific Method alongside Formal Logic, (the latter has been too long ignored,) and equip young minds to draw their own conclusions. Sadly, rather than encouraging students to engage in further research by presenting the diversity of opinion from the scientific community as well as the questions scientists are still unable to answer, Jennings et. al. want certain theories presented as indisputable fact.  No questions, no critique. 

I have trouble understanding why Jennings and her ilk are so afraid of statements like "Scientists believe X," "Scientists do not understand how Y works," and "Scientists do not agree about Z."  Is this so dangerous?  Shouldn't we be honest with students about how our body of knowledge is limited and how highly educated, intelligent people disagree?  Might that not spur young minds to investigate further?

Unfortunately, as evidenced by the fashion Judy Jennings has agreed to wear "to the first meeting," there is no room for dialogue or diversity.  Just hatred for those who question.

Monday, October 18, 2010

The 2010 General Election Begins Today

Early Voting begins today, October 18! Any registered voter may participate in Early Voting in their home county. Williamson County Early Voting Locations are listed below.

There are also numerous campaign events in Williamson County this week; our new Republican Party of Texas Chairman Steve Munisteri will be on hand for an Early Voting Kick-Off Rally at 5PM today at Junior's in Round Rock. On Wednesday, October 20, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott will join GOP House District 52 candidate Larry Gonzales for a reception at the Terra Vista Community Center from 2-3PM.

Even if you cannot make these events, be sure to make your voice heard and vote early!

Monday, October 18 through Friday, October 29, 2010
7:00 am to 7:00 pm Weekdays and Saturday
Sunday, October 24 Noon – 6:00 pm
Williamson County Inner Loop Annex, 301 SE Inner Loop, Georgetown
Parks & Recreation Admin. Bldg., 1101 N. College St., Georgetown
Sun City Social Center, 2 Texas Dr., Georgetown
McConico Building, 301 W. Bagdad St., Round Rock
Round Rock Randalls, 2051 Gattis School Rd, Round Rock
Brushy Creek Community Center, 16318 Great Oaks Dr., Round Rock
J.B. and Hallie Jester Annex, 1801 E. Old Settlers Blvd., Round Rock
Anderson Mill Limited District, 11500 El Salido Pkwy, Austin
Cedar Park Public Library, 550 Discovery Blvd., Cedar Park
Cedar Park Randalls, 1400 Cypress Creek Rd., Cedar Park
Pat Bryson Municipal Hall, 201 N. Brushy St., Leander
Taylor City Hall, 400 Porter St., Taylor
Hutto City Hall, 401 W. Front St., Hutto

Monday, October 18 through Friday, October 29
Hours: 10:00am – 6:00pm
Sunday, October 24 Hours: Noon – 6:00 pm
Thrall VFD, 201 S. Main St., Thrall, Monday, Oct. 18
Granger City Hall, 214 E. Davilla, Granger, Tuesday, Oct. 19
Weir Fire Hall, 450 FM 1105, Weir, Wednesday, Oct. 20
Cowan Creek Amenity Center, 1433 Cool Springs Way, Georgetown, Monday, Oct. 18, Tuesday, Oct. 19, Wednesday, Oct. 20
Seton Medical Center Williamson, 201 Seton Parkway, Round Rock, Thursday, Oct. 21, Friday, Oct. 22
Liberty Hill Annex, 3407 RR 1869, Liberty Hill, Saturday, Oct. 23, Sunday, Oct. 24
Georgetown ISD Admin. Bldg, 603 Lakeway Dr., Georgetown, Thursday, Oct. 21, Friday, Oct. 22, Saturday, Oct. 23, Sunday, Oct. 24
Jarrell Memorial Park, 1651 CR 305, Jarrell, Monday, Oct. 25
RR Higher Education Center, 1555 University Blvd., Round Rock, Monday, Oct. 25
Andice Community Center, 6600 FM 970, Andice, Tuesday, Oct. 26
Florence VFD, 301 S. Patterson Ave., Florence, Wednesday, Oct. 27
Highland Estates Independent Retirement Living, 1500 N. Lakeline Blvd., Cedar Park, Tuesday, Oct. 26, Wednesday, Oct. 27, Thursday, Oct. 28, Friday, Oct. 29
Clairmont Retirement Community, 12463 Los Indios Tr., Austin, Thursday, Oct. 28, Friday, Oct. 29

Friday, October 15, 2010

Ethics Investigation Into Representative Diana Maldonado's Finances

In a previous post I wrote about the Diana Maldonado campaign's attempt to 'play chicken' with the Texas Ethics Commission. According to the TEC, Diana Maldonado filed a campaign finance report on July 15, 2010, in which she left off multiple political contributions totalling nearly $60,000. In addition, Maldonado failed to report 90% of her political expenditures, and had to file a corrected report. An error here or there could be attributed to an oversight, but the extent of these omissions indicate there may have been an attempt to circumvent campaign finance law.

Unfortunately, at that time I was not aware that the Texas Ethics Commission is not permitted to investigate such egregious violations unless an individual files a complaint. As a citizen of Texas House District 52, on Wednesday I filed an official complaint regarding this matter, and now the TEC has moved forward with an investigation.

I have learned today that a second complaint has been filed against Representative Maldonado regarding her Personal Financial Disclosure, which allegedly fails to report any income whatsoever. I am not sure how anyone manages to live without any income, but apparently Maldonado has discovered a way. The Texas Ethics Commission is investigating this matter as well.

These are very serious legal matters, and the citizens of House District 52 deserve an answer to these questions. Hopefully the Texas Ethics Commission will get to the bottom of Diana Maldonado's finances quickly.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Diana Maldonado and the Incredible, Amazing Flip Flop

Wow. Just, wow.

At last Tuesday night's candidate forum sponsored by the Round Rock West Neighborhood Association, State Representative Diana Maldonado performed one of the most amazing political flip-flops, evah. While previously so opposed to common-sense voter photo ID legislation that she was willing to kill hundreds of other bills to stop passage, Maldonado stated that she now supports photo ID! This is so astounding that we might need a new award category, perhaps Acrobat of the Year?

Here is the release from the Larry Gonzales Campaign:

Diana's Flip Flop
For Immediate Release

October 13, 2010

Maldonado Metamorphosis: From Capitol Chubber to Campaign Conservative
Liberal Flip-flops on Voter ID

Williamson County – How do you know we are just five days away from the start of voting? Liberal Democrat Diana Maldonado announced last night she supports requiring a photo ID to vote, despite stating just 5 days earlier at a forum she was opposed to voter ID and last session participated in a five-day delay of the House Calendar that killed the photo ID bill.

In a forum hosted by the Greater Round Rock West Neighborhood Association, Maldonado said, “I am for voter identification where it does have a picture, let’s do that.” Emphasising her point, she said later, "Sure let's put a picture on it."

But according to the Austin American-Statesman, at the forum hosted by the Round Rock Chamber of Commerce and the Greater Austin Hispanic Chamber of Commerce on October 8th, “Maldonado compared asking voters for more identification, than what is currently required, to police officers asking for more identification when they pull over drivers.”

“Diana’s desperate flip-flop on voter ID doesn’t change the fact she helped kill that bill, and dozens of other bills last session including a bill to require background checks of childcare providers who receive state money,” said Gonzales. “She literally put politics ahead of the safety of our children to kill a bill she now says she supports. It’s just pathetic political pandering.”


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Education Elites to Parents: "WE Know What's Best For Your Children"

One tactic employed by Education Bureaucracy Elites is to try to convince voters that somehow education issues are 'non-political' and 'non-partisan.'  Hence the Democrats' campaign to take away from voters the right to elect the State Board of Education, and instead establish an 'appointed' Board .  In Elite minds, voters are just too uneducated to understand the role of the SBOE.  However, this attitude is not limited to elections, but these Leftists extend their condescension to parents as well.   According to Democrat candidate Judy Jennings and her supporters, parents do not know what is best for their own children, and those matters should be left to really smart people like...Judy Jennings.

At a candidate forum for SBOE District 10 candidates on Tuesday, although moderators did not ask questions regarding homeschooling, Jennings went out of her way to state that she has "never, ever supported home schools."  Now, most families utilize the public school system, but there are some children who cannot learn in the 'one-size-fits-all' approach, and the local public school simply cannot meet the child's educational needs.  While there are numerous reasons parents homeschool, for my own household, our pediatrician confirmed that homeschooling is the one of the only options for our child.  Apparently in Jenning's opinion, my child should be forced into a school where he cannot be educated and cannot thrive. 

Jennings' stance really isn't surprising since she is typical of groups that are determined to stop parents from educating their own children.  For example, the School For All Children Act or SFACA, is dedicated to overturning the Texas Supreme Court's Leeper Decision recognizing parental rights in education, specifically the right to homeschool.  Under the ruling, homeschooling parents must use curriculum and teach core subjects.  Leeper also prevents the State from interfering with private schools.  The SFACA, however, characterizes homeschools as "educational neglect," and longs for government control of private schools.  (The SFACA's candidate questionnaire is posted below.)

Judy Jennings and company want to control the education of ALL children, not just those at public schools. Her hostility to Dr. Marsha Farney's Christianity leads one to wonder how far these leftist ideologues will go if they do gain control; what are their plans for private schools and homeschools?  The reality is that Jenning's campaign is far from 'non-partisan,' and represents a plan to undermine parental rights. 

In comparison, Republican candidate Dr. Marsha Farney wants to make public education the very best it can be, but supports our parental rights and has no plans to interfere with private education.  Texans who believe parents have the right to make educational choices and wish to continue to have a voice in public education via elections should support Marsha Farney. 

School For All Children ACT Questionnaire 2010

Doug Arnold for Williamson County Court At Law

While I've spent much time discussing Texas House races, there are some very important Judicial contests on the 2010 ballot. One of those is for Williamson County Court at Law #3. Doug Arnold, the GOP nominee, is exceptionally qualified. He has 15 years experience as an attorney for various government entities, has published articles regarding legal issues, and has served as an instructor. Williamson County residents are fortunate to have such a stellar candidate for the local bench.

One almost hesitates to even mention Doug Arnold's opponent in this race, as she exemplifies the utter lack of electable Democrats in the area. Since her arrest last Summer, she has barely attempted a campaign; her only tactic seems to be placing campaign signs next to Republicans in hopes that voters will be confused about her political affiliation.

You can meet Doug Arnold at a special reception on Thursday, October 14. The event will take place from 5pm-7pm at the Independent Bank Meeting Room at 1503 Rivery Blvd, in Georgetown.

Other important Judicial candidates include some really strong Republican Women: Judge Debra Lehrmann for Texas Supreme Court, Melissa Goodwin for the Texas Third Court of Appeals, and Judge Suzanne Brooks for Williamson County Court at Law #1.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Maldonado and the Stealth Income Tax

While many factors contribute to Texas' economic strength, the state's constitutional prohibition against an income tax is an especially attractive element for both business and individuals.   Democrats have longed to remove this obstacle to higher taxes, and earlier this year Representative Lon Burnham lamented that Texans are "just too stupid" to understand how beneficial a state income tax would be. 

In the 2009 Legislative session, Representative Diana Maldonado and other pro-taxers thought they had found a way around the Texas Constitution by attaching a measure to House Bill 3983.  Also called the "Circuit Breaker Tax," HB 3983 would have tied property taxes to personal income.  Ostensibly the law would have then allowed individuals with lower incomes to receive a reduction in their property tax rate, prompting proponents to refer to HB3983 as an 'affordable housing' measure.

This so-called affordable housing measure has several troubling implications.  For one, the State would be required to compensate local government entities for any reduction in revenue, placing an additional burden on the State budget.  Even worse is Maldonado and friends' attempt to redistribute income.  Under HB 3983, lower income individuals buying homes above their means would be rewarded with a reduced tax bill, and inevitably, higher-earning individuals who prudently purchased more modest homes would be punished with a heavier property tax bill.  In other words, regardless of your home-purchase decisions, your 'property tax' assessment would be based on your income. 

While Liberal-Progressive Democrats were successful in passing this 'stealth' income tax, Governor Rick Perry wisely vetoed the measure saying, 

(HB 3983) would make the distribution of the property tax burden less equitable by shifting it to middle-class property owners. This would make the property tax function more like a progressive income tax, in that the tax burden would slowly be pushed upwards until only the owners of the most valuable property paid any actual tax.

Diana Maldonado's support of the stealth income tax is just another example of her tax-and-spend approach to government.  Rather than protect one of the elements that has made Texas the strongest state economy, our Representative attempted to radically change our tax structure.  It is time to send pro-tax, pro-big government liberals like Diana Maldonado home and replace them with common-sense Conservatives.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Governor Perry Coming to Round Rock

Governor Rick Perry will be coming to Round Rock for a campaign stop and to help support our local candidates next Thursday, October 14 at 2:45PM. Perry's opponent, Bill White for Taxes appeared here last week, but judging by pictures from the event it looks like only about 50 folks showed up.

The stop will be at Junior's Icehouse on Main Street, but I'm really hoping the Williamson County Republican Party will provide some of those yummy hometown Round Rock Donuts.  Mmmmmmm, donuts.

Date: Thursday, October 14th
Time: 2:45 p.m.
Location: Juniors Icehouse
119 East Main Street, Round Rock, TX, 78664

Free parking located at the City Hall Parking Garage on the corner of Lampasas St. and Bagdad Ave.

Please contact our Central Texas Field Director to RSVP!

Jon McClellan -Central Texas Field Director

Get involved! Become a Perry Home Headquarters, Visit to join the conversation, join the Governor's Facebook page, or follow the Governor on Twitter.

Political advertisement paid for by Texans for Rick Perry
PMB 217, P.O. Box 2013, Austin, Texas 78768
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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Texas House District 52 Candidate Forum

The Maldonado campaign has finally agreed to an appearance with Republican candidate Larry Gonzales. While not a debate per se, it's something.

The event is sponsored by the Round Rock Chamber of Commerce and the Greater Austin Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, and will take place 11:30-1:00 on Friday, October 8, at the Wingate Conference Center in Round Rock. Cost is $15 (includes lunch) and reservations are required. Click here to RSVP.

Of course Representative Maldonado no-showed for this event in 2008, citing traffic delays, so everyone is hoping she will be able to make it this time.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Freshman of the Year Awards: Everyone Gets an 'A'

One of the most damaging educational theories to come out of 'left field' in recent decades was the Outcome-Based-Education model.   OBE is responsible for the deterioration of academic standards in our schools, or the 'dumbing down' of curriculum, so that all the children can feel good about themselves, since everyone gets a 'happy face' no matter what.  Leftists have not limited OBE concepts to our schools, but have implemented such standards for adults too.   Remember when only the most accomplished special forces got to wear a 'green beret'?  In 2001, the Army decided that all soldiers get to wear a black beret.  Happy faces all around, everyone feels good. 

Unfortunately, the OBE "happy-faces-for-all" approach is rampant in politics too.  While Williamson County Democrats have been touting the fact that Representative Diana Maldonado was named "Freshman of the Year" in 2009, there are a few little details voters should know. 

First of all, the awarding entity, 'Legislative Study Group,' is a partisan Democrat group led by ardent liberal-progressive Rep. Garnet Coleman.  Representative Tommy Merritt, the token Republican RINO who joined the group so that they could call themselves 'bipartisan,' was spanked and sent home in the GOP Primaries this year to be replaced by Conservative David Simpson

Furthermore, a little research reveals that EVERY Democrat freshman House member received some kind of 'best award' from a left-leaning group.  For example, Democrat Representatives Carol Kent, Robert Miklos, Joe Moody, Marisa Marquez, Kristi Thibaut, and Armando Walle, all received "Freshman of the Year" awards from various liberal groups.  Other Texas House Freshman Democrats received similar awards;  Rep. Carol Alvarado received a Distinguished Service Award, and Rep Al Edwards received the Legislative Champion Award. 

So which Democrat is the real FOTY?  Hard to say...looks like everyone got an A.  Now, don't we all feel good?