Thursday, October 14, 2010

Diana Maldonado and the Incredible, Amazing Flip Flop

Wow. Just, wow.

At last Tuesday night's candidate forum sponsored by the Round Rock West Neighborhood Association, State Representative Diana Maldonado performed one of the most amazing political flip-flops, evah. While previously so opposed to common-sense voter photo ID legislation that she was willing to kill hundreds of other bills to stop passage, Maldonado stated that she now supports photo ID! This is so astounding that we might need a new award category, perhaps Acrobat of the Year?

Here is the release from the Larry Gonzales Campaign:

Diana's Flip Flop
For Immediate Release

October 13, 2010

Maldonado Metamorphosis: From Capitol Chubber to Campaign Conservative
Liberal Flip-flops on Voter ID

Williamson County – How do you know we are just five days away from the start of voting? Liberal Democrat Diana Maldonado announced last night she supports requiring a photo ID to vote, despite stating just 5 days earlier at a forum she was opposed to voter ID and last session participated in a five-day delay of the House Calendar that killed the photo ID bill.

In a forum hosted by the Greater Round Rock West Neighborhood Association, Maldonado said, “I am for voter identification where it does have a picture, let’s do that.” Emphasising her point, she said later, "Sure let's put a picture on it."

But according to the Austin American-Statesman, at the forum hosted by the Round Rock Chamber of Commerce and the Greater Austin Hispanic Chamber of Commerce on October 8th, “Maldonado compared asking voters for more identification, than what is currently required, to police officers asking for more identification when they pull over drivers.”

“Diana’s desperate flip-flop on voter ID doesn’t change the fact she helped kill that bill, and dozens of other bills last session including a bill to require background checks of childcare providers who receive state money,” said Gonzales. “She literally put politics ahead of the safety of our children to kill a bill she now says she supports. It’s just pathetic political pandering.”


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