Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Re-Elect Williamson County Commissioner Ron Morrison

Williamson County Commissioner, Precinct 4, Ron Morrison is seeking a second 4-year term to office.  A former Round Rock Chamber 'Citizen of the Year,' Morrison has been a staunch supporter of law enforcement and transportation projects, and the county property tax rate is lower now than when he took office in 2006.  Although under extreme pressure from various groups to raise taxes this year, Morrison cast a vote to cut spending and hold the property tax rate steady.  Consequently, most homeowners will see a slight reduction in their county property tax bill this year. 

Jeff Maurice, Commissioner Morrison's Democrat opponent, has run a very low profile campaign.  Although earlier this year he was very vocal about his support for President Obama's policies, especially the stimulus bill, his meager campaign material includes no party identification whatsoever and might lead the uniformed to believe Maurice is a 'Conservative.' 

As a member of the left-leaning Williamson County Public Policy Coalition and the Hutto Citizens Group, Maurice has tried to sting Morrison by blaming the Commissioner for everything from the federal illegal immigrant detention center to a landfill contract signed long before Morrison's term.  When the Commissioners renegotiated the landfill contract, Maurice then complained that the county did not receive a higher percentage of landfill trash-dumping fees, but ignored the fact that the county's new negotiated share of 14.5%, is more than double the rate received prior to Commissioner Morrison's term. 

Maurice has hoped to conceal his party affiliation and activist history, but has little to offer Williamson County. Furthermore, his complaints about the incumbent are very thin. Commissioner Morrison is a responsive incumbent, and residents should re-elect him.

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