Monday, October 25, 2010

On The Ballot: Round Rock Proposition 1

In addition to the more publicized contests for elected offices, citizens of Round Rock are voting on Proposition 1 this year. The "Prop the Rock" option involves a half-cent sales tax for a "Type B" city economic development corporation voters approved back in 1997. These economic development programs are common to many cities, but Round Rock's EDC is unusual in that it is restricted to transportation projects only. (A dire need in 1997).

Now city officials are asking voters to approve an adjustment of Round Rock's EDC so that, like other cities, funds may be spent on additional economic development projects such as business and industrial site development and community facilities.

While it is hard to get passionate about Prop 1 on either side of the issue, I voted yes since there is no tax increase involved, and, by allowing the city to use current revenues in additional ways, there is no good reason for the city to ask for tax increases later.

Of course in the last session, Representative Diana Maldonado voted to revive 'streamlined sales tax' legislation, a measure that would 'redistribute' Internet sales tax revenue away from Round Rock. Defeated in 2009, the Streamlined Sales Tax is still very much a part of the Democrat wish list. If Maldonado has her way and Democrats succeed in passing SST, the City's tax revenue could be by cut by 40%, thus opening a whole new can of tax worms.

My recommendation? "Yes" on Prop the Rock, a resounding "No" on Diana Maldonado.

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J C said...

I just can't see what the benefit of 'redistributing' the Dell sales tax would have had. Anyone have an argument? Clueless lib?