Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Education Elites to Parents: "WE Know What's Best For Your Children"

One tactic employed by Education Bureaucracy Elites is to try to convince voters that somehow education issues are 'non-political' and 'non-partisan.'  Hence the Democrats' campaign to take away from voters the right to elect the State Board of Education, and instead establish an 'appointed' Board .  In Elite minds, voters are just too uneducated to understand the role of the SBOE.  However, this attitude is not limited to elections, but these Leftists extend their condescension to parents as well.   According to Democrat candidate Judy Jennings and her supporters, parents do not know what is best for their own children, and those matters should be left to really smart people like...Judy Jennings.

At a candidate forum for SBOE District 10 candidates on Tuesday, although moderators did not ask questions regarding homeschooling, Jennings went out of her way to state that she has "never, ever supported home schools."  Now, most families utilize the public school system, but there are some children who cannot learn in the 'one-size-fits-all' approach, and the local public school simply cannot meet the child's educational needs.  While there are numerous reasons parents homeschool, for my own household, our pediatrician confirmed that homeschooling is the one of the only options for our child.  Apparently in Jenning's opinion, my child should be forced into a school where he cannot be educated and cannot thrive. 

Jennings' stance really isn't surprising since she is typical of groups that are determined to stop parents from educating their own children.  For example, the School For All Children Act or SFACA, is dedicated to overturning the Texas Supreme Court's Leeper Decision recognizing parental rights in education, specifically the right to homeschool.  Under the ruling, homeschooling parents must use curriculum and teach core subjects.  Leeper also prevents the State from interfering with private schools.  The SFACA, however, characterizes homeschools as "educational neglect," and longs for government control of private schools.  (The SFACA's candidate questionnaire is posted below.)

Judy Jennings and company want to control the education of ALL children, not just those at public schools. Her hostility to Dr. Marsha Farney's Christianity leads one to wonder how far these leftist ideologues will go if they do gain control; what are their plans for private schools and homeschools?  The reality is that Jenning's campaign is far from 'non-partisan,' and represents a plan to undermine parental rights. 

In comparison, Republican candidate Dr. Marsha Farney wants to make public education the very best it can be, but supports our parental rights and has no plans to interfere with private education.  Texans who believe parents have the right to make educational choices and wish to continue to have a voice in public education via elections should support Marsha Farney. 

School For All Children ACT Questionnaire 2010


Snowed In said...

Good info, especially for those of us who homeschool. Don't remember if I've mentioned this before, but you should post it to Austin Post, so that you can get the message out a bit more.

Jack said...

I hate this kind of attitude when it comes from bureaucrats who think they know what's best for my kids. I may work in construction with a bunch of contractors, but if they think they know more about my kids that I do then they've got another thing coming. I want and demand my right to choose whom I will to represent me on the state board.