Thursday, December 12, 2013

Williamson County GOP Primary Update

The filing period for the 2014 Elections closed this week, and we have an interesting assortment of  GOP candidates in Williamson County.  Some qualified, some trying to use shiny Red Herrings as qualifications, and some might have filed with the wrong party?

Here's a quick run down:

Judge Stacey Mathews, newly appointed by the Governor to replace disgraced Judge Ken Anderson , has been challenged by Ryan Larson.

Judge Rick Kennon, newly appointed by Governor Perry to fill Judge Burt Carnes' unexpired term, is being challenged by Donna King.

County Court at Law Judge Doug Arnold has been challenged by GOP newcomer Tallion Taylor (Taylor used to vote Democrat, but recently switched to the Republican party).

Three candidates have filed to replace retiring Williamson County Treasurer Vivian Wood: Leander City Councilwoman Michell Cantwell, Jerri Jones, and Ralph Pruyn.  As I've previously written, Jones is an alleged Republican who publicly supported a Democrat for District Attorney in 2012.  (Yes, I have a problem with this.)

Williamson County Commissioner, Pct. 2 Cynthia Long has been challenged by unknown Michael Sorenson.

Williamson County Commissioner, Pct. 4 Ron Morrison has been challenged by Round Rock attorney Rick Guzman. (Unrelated I know, but the latter is married to Round Rock author Lila Guzman who writes good stuff for junior readers.)

Entertainingly enough, Justice of the Peace, Pct. 3 Bill Gravell is being challenged by Robert Lloyd.  Lloyd is suing Williamson County because he doesn't think it fair that he was asked questions about his political philosophy when seeking a political appointment to a political office.  Not sure Mr. Lloyd has filed with the correct party... pass the popcorn on this one. 

Pct. 3 Constable Kevin Stofle will face Jeff Eckert.

County Surveyor Joe Baker is challenged by Shane Shafer. 

Congressman John Carter (HD-31)
State Senator Charles Schwertner
State Reps Marsha Farney (HD-20), Larry Gonzales (HD-52), and Tony Dale (HD-136).
Chief Justice, Third Court of Appeals Jeff Rose
County Judge Dan Gattis
County Court at Law Judges Suzanne Brooks, Tim Wright, and John McMaster
District Clerk Lisa David
County Clerk Nancy Rister
Justices of the Peace Dain Johnson, Edna Staudt, and Judy Hobbs

Will try to provide readers with more information after the holidays.

Updated on December 14 to link to Stacey Mathews' (one "T"!) website and to correct Pct 3 Constable (It's "Kevin," not "Ken"). 

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Attorney Who Bankrolled Williamson County Democrats Sentenced to 20 Years in Prison

Austin attorney Marc Rosenthal, who was convicted on charges relating to racketeering, conspiracy, bribery, extortion, tampering, and mail fraud last March, has been sentenced to twenty years in prison.  Prior to his 2011 arrest, Rosenthal played a prominent role in funding Democrat candidates in Williamson County. 

In both 2008 and 2010, Rosenthal gave generously to State Representative Diana Maldonado (HD-52) and other Democrats.  According to Texas Ethics Commission reports, Maldonado received $51,000 in cash and another $7,000 in "air travel."  Allegedly, the latter consisted of Ms. Maldonado's use of Rosenthal's private jet.  (Although Texas District 52 is entirely contained within Williamson County). 

Maldonado eked out a win in 2008, partially due to support from naive Round Rock "Republicans" who ignored her liberalism because they thought that she would represent their geopolitical interests.  After a disastrous single term, Maldonado was soundly defeated in 2010 by Republican Larry Gonzales. 

Unfortunately for local Democrats, Rosenthal won't be able to fund any campaigns for quite some time. 

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Why It Matters

Throughout my years of political activism, I have been challenged by those who do not believe the core principles I cherish have anything to do with certain political offices.  Yesterday I wrote of my concerns over Jerri Jones' 2012 support of Democrat candidate Ken Crain for District Attorney.  One reader asked me if it really mattered since the Williamson County DA wouldn't be prosecuting any abortionists.  I do not condemn this question; it is legitimate, and I am very happy to have the opportunity to address it.

True core principles and beliefs are not those which can be kept in isolation.  I do not pull out my views on unborn children only in cases involving abortionists.  The belief that parental rights supersede government rights must by nature permeate school board decisions.  Principles of private property rights vs neo-marxist collectivism are at war in our courts constantly.  These things cannot be set aside for only the 'big' cases, but play a role in every decision. 

That is not to say that every Republican adheres to these core principles either.  There is no shortage of Machiavellian Republicans who are more than willing to set aside core conservative principles in favor of crony capitalism, patrician socialism, or a warped sense of geopolitics.  (Like those who want to make sure that all our district's elected officials are from Round Rock, core beliefs be damned- see the 2008 race for State House District 52 where local "Republicans" supported liberal, pro-abortion Diana Maldonado because she was from Round Rock while the Republican Bryan Daniel was from Georgetown.)

Yes, there are times when we do not like the GOP nominee, but does that mean we then actively work to elect someone who has adhered to the Democrat Party's values?

  • Parental Rights vs Government Rights over our children,
  • 2nd Amendment Rights vs citizens without the power to protect themselves,
  • Right to Life vs least costly option,
  • Property Rights vs Government Management of private property,
  • etc., etc., ad naseum.

On any given day, one or more of these issues will be at play in the courts, even those small courts right around the corner.  No, not all Republican office holders will always adhere to conservative core principles, and they must be held accountable.  But the 21st Century Democrat Party worldview is destroying this country already, and we must hold the lines where we are able. 

UPDATE:  You can also add Tallion Taylor to your list of 'moles' on the Williamson County GOP ticket:  Taylor has traditionally voted Democrat & recently switched parties.  There is zero evidence to suggest that he is conservative.  Stick with Judge Doug Arnold on this one.  

Monday, December 2, 2013

Wilco Primary Update: "Republicans" Who Work For Democrats

In a relatively conservative area like Williamson County, sometimes potential candidates feel that they can only win if they run on the Republican ticket.  However, filing as a Republican is not the same thing as actually embracing a conservative philosophy.  Therefore when we are evaluating our GOP Primary candidates, it is important to look beyond the standard campaign lingo.  Unfortunately, among the declared candidates for the Williamson County GOP Primary, there are a few problems.

For the contest to replace retiring County Treasurer Vivian Wood, there are two candidates:  Michell Cantwell of Leander and Jerri Jones of Georgetown.  Cantwell has served on the Leander City Council since 2003, and has been an active member of several local Republican and Conservative Groups.  There is little question of her commitment to conservative principles.

Jerri Jones is retired from the Marine Corps (Lt. Col.) and lives in Georgetown.  Although a member of the Georgetown Area Republican Women, Jones has been less than committed to her fellow Republicans.  In the 2012 election cycle, Jones seemed a little bitter about the Primary results and publicly supported Democrat Ken Crain for District Attorney, and, according to campaign finance reports even made a $100 donation to Crain.

While voter participation in general elections runs at about 60%, less than 30% vote in Primary elections, and many local elections see less than 10% turnout.  The percentage of those who actually make a campaign contribution is probably less than 1%.  This is a passionate supporter indeed.

Now there have been times that I have been disappointed in the results of a Primary race, and I have quietly refused to vote for a particularly nasty Republican.  However, I cannot imagine publicly and financially supporting any Democrat candidate, unless he/she were pro-life, pro-family, pro-Second Amendment, and fiscally conservative, which means, basically, never.
That Jerri Jones would go so far as to support a Democrat in this way is very troubling.  I’m sure she is a lovely person, but the political implications are too much.  Jones actively worked to elect a Democrat to a powerful county-wide office.  Either she believed in Ken Crain’s liberal Democrat message or she was feeling very spiteful and vindictive over the results of the primary.  Either way, it doesn’t bode well for her prospects as a Republican leader in Williamson County.