Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Major Donor to Wilco Democrat Arrested

It seems one of the major donors to Williamson County Democrats was arrested this week.  Marc Rosenthal is an Austin attorney who took a keen interest in promoting Democrat candidates, especially one in Williamson County.  According to the Texas Ethics Commission, Rosenthal gave former State Representative Diana Maldonado (HD52) $51,000 in contributions, as well as another $7,000 in "Air Travel" donations.  Back in 2008, local observers had noticed that Maldonado seemed to spend an unusual amount of time traveling around the state on Rosenthal's private jet.

According to news reports, Rosenthal was arrested on "federal racketeering charges alleging bribery of an already-convicted judge as well as witnesses in state and federal cases."  Rosenthal seems to be tied to the scandal with former state district Judge Abel C. Limas, who pled guilty to racketeering charges last March.

Representative Maldonado was certainly not the only recipient of Rosenthal's money.  He gave to various other Democrat candidates, County Democrat parties, and the Texas Trial Lawyers Association, but those donations run between only  $150 and $5,000.  Clearly, at $58,000, Ms. Maldonado was his hands-down favorite. 

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