Friday, July 29, 2011

Why I Can't Quit

Politics is a brutal, nasty business. 

I confess I have been feeling rather cynical about it all lately, primarily due to folks supposedly on my own 'team.'  Regarding the Left, my expectations are pretty low, so I'm rarely disappointed and even sometimes pleasantly surprised.   As for the Right, we have our share of those motivated by greed, hatred, personal grudges, and desire for power.  I sometimes wonder why I bother with the whole mess.

And then I see a picture like this one. 

This reminds me in the starkest terms that there is true evil in this world.  We are not gods, but mere humans; those around us will disappoint us, and our own personal failings may be the most demoralizing of all.  But if we allow the frailty of humanity to steal our resolve, then evil will prevail. 

As we enter a new political campaign season, I am resolved that I cannot and will not be silent.  I will speak out on behalf of what I know to be right and best for my community.  Even though members of my own party call me names (for opposing tax increases on struggling families no less!) I will not be cowed. 

After all, if I fear God, whom then shall I fear?

Monday, July 18, 2011

Who's Who in Texas House District 149? Updated, 9/15

Although redistricting maps are not quite finalized, Williamson County residents are slated to have a new Texas House district in 2012.  District 149 is situated in the Southwestern portion of the county and includes parts of Austin, Leander, and Georgetown, and most of Cedar Park.  This will be a relatively conservative district, and the winner of any Republican Primary is likely to hold the seat.

So who's running?  Here are the names I've heard tossed around, in no particular order, of course...

Cynthia Long, Williamson County Commissioner, Precinct 2, re-elected in 2008.  Locally popular. 
Matt Powell, Cedar Park City Councilman.
Tony Dale, Cedar Park City Councilman, former Army Captain.
Stephen Thomas, former Cedar Park City Council, former HD 20 candidate.
Ted Pataki, staffer for Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst, and yes, son of that Pataki, NY Governor George.  Ted is also a Marine Officer combat vet who spent time in Iraq. 
James Bernsen, staffer for Texas Agriculture Commissioner Todd Staples, combat vet, and U.S. Navy Reserve Officer. 
Bob Lemon, Cedar Park Mayor.
Don Tracy, Cedar Park City Council.
Paul Tish, former President of Brushy Creek MUD.
Bob Tesch, developer, former Perry appointee to Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority.
Mary Dale, Cedar Park Attorney.
Chris Fielder, Leander City Council.
Eric Stratton, conservative GOP activist.
Stacy Rudd, Chairman of the Cedar Park Chamber of Commerce.
Maria Acosta, Central Texas 9-12 Leader.

Corbin Van Arsdale is a registered lobbyist and former State Rep who recently relocated from Spring to Cedar Park; his name has been mentioned by a few activists, but he doesn't seem inclined to run. 

Some good Republicans here, but I think by the filing period we'll be down to just a few of the best.

Stay tuned...

Update:  My apologies to all those whose names start with "T" and end with "H."   Hopefully I got it right this time...

Update, August 31, 2011.  Since County Commissioner Cynthia Long signaled she is not running, both Ted Pataki and Corbin Van Arsdale have announced their respective candidacies.  Also, there are still some Cedar Park officials considering a run.  Stay tuned...

Update, September 15, 2011.  With a new baby, new job, and working on his MBA, Ted Pataki has decided not to run.  Like pretty much everyone on the above list, Pataki is supporting Cedar Park City Councilman Tony Dale, who announced on Tuesday.