Friday, July 29, 2011

Why I Can't Quit

Politics is a brutal, nasty business. 

I confess I have been feeling rather cynical about it all lately, primarily due to folks supposedly on my own 'team.'  Regarding the Left, my expectations are pretty low, so I'm rarely disappointed and even sometimes pleasantly surprised.   As for the Right, we have our share of those motivated by greed, hatred, personal grudges, and desire for power.  I sometimes wonder why I bother with the whole mess.

And then I see a picture like this one. 

This reminds me in the starkest terms that there is true evil in this world.  We are not gods, but mere humans; those around us will disappoint us, and our own personal failings may be the most demoralizing of all.  But if we allow the frailty of humanity to steal our resolve, then evil will prevail. 

As we enter a new political campaign season, I am resolved that I cannot and will not be silent.  I will speak out on behalf of what I know to be right and best for my community.  Even though members of my own party call me names (for opposing tax increases on struggling families no less!) I will not be cowed. 

After all, if I fear God, whom then shall I fear?

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Snowed In said...

I've been having a similar crisis of faith at my blog over the last few months, so I know, at least a little, what you are going through. Just keep writing about what you believe in. People are listening.