Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Planned Parenthood is Big Business of the Worst Kind

Last night I had the opportunity to attend the Texas Alliance for Life dinner in Austin.  Abby Johnson, former Director of Planned Parenthood Clinics in Houston, gave a powerful, unforgettable, keynote address. 

Abby Johnson, a past "Employee of the Year" for Planned Parenthood, described how the organization's representatives recruited her as a college student and how she worked her way through the ranks, all the while believing she was 'helping women.'  Her perspective began to change when supervisors instructed her to double the number of abortions performed each year since "abortions are where we make our money."

Abby's breaking point came, however, when for the first time in her 8-year career with Planned Parenthood, she decided to witness an ultrasound-assisted abortion.  While viewing the monitor, she noted the 13-week-old 'fetus' was fully-formed, and was a male.  To her horror, when the probe came in contact with the 'fetus,' the tiny creature flailed its arms and legs and tried to move away.  With the abortionist's words, "beam 'em up, Scotty," the baby boy was vacuumed away. 

As Abby stated, that child had no choice, and never had a chance against the 3 'big' people in the room, herself included. 

Abby resigned that day, and is now educating the public about the real nature of Planned Parenthood and she is working to stop the $300 million in subsidies taxpayers provide to the abortion industry giant each year. 

Abby's compelling testimony, and her assertion that this evil industry continues in our society due to apathy, will hopefully change a few more hearts and minds about the true nature of the abortion industry.  Many of our elected officials, like State Representative Diana Maldonado, take huge contributions from  Planned Parenthood and work to protect the abortion industry, while hampering the efforts of non-profit pregnancy resource centers.  It is time to heed Abby Johnson's call and stop tax-payer support of abortion 'big business.'

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