Tuesday, October 19, 2010

SBOE Fashionista Judy Jennings: Hatred is in Style!

Apparently Democrat candidate for State Board of Education Judy Jennings has already planned her wardrobe for her first day on the job if elected.  During an exchange with a supporter, Jennings enthusiastically agreed to wear an offensive, T-shirt to her "first meeting" after viewing this picture.  (WARNING:  OFFENSIVE LANGUAGE). 

Apparently, this is a part of the liberal campaign to convince voters that Conservatives don't want to teach "science."  However, it is the left-wing ideologues who want to teach certain elements of scientific theory as a sacred religion.  They insist that only one earth-origin theory be presented to students, and that it should be presented as gospel truth without any critique whatsoever. 

More reasonable thinkers argue that science teachers should not only teach various life-origin scientific theories, but also the processes of the Scientific Method alongside Formal Logic, (the latter has been too long ignored,) and equip young minds to draw their own conclusions. Sadly, rather than encouraging students to engage in further research by presenting the diversity of opinion from the scientific community as well as the questions scientists are still unable to answer, Jennings et. al. want certain theories presented as indisputable fact.  No questions, no critique. 

I have trouble understanding why Jennings and her ilk are so afraid of statements like "Scientists believe X," "Scientists do not understand how Y works," and "Scientists do not agree about Z."  Is this so dangerous?  Shouldn't we be honest with students about how our body of knowledge is limited and how highly educated, intelligent people disagree?  Might that not spur young minds to investigate further?

Unfortunately, as evidenced by the fashion Judy Jennings has agreed to wear "to the first meeting," there is no room for dialogue or diversity.  Just hatred for those who question.

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jstradtner said...

I really hope this woman doesn't win. Scary, scary.