Wednesday, March 31, 2010

John Gordon is a Ticking Time Bomb


Just heard the radio ad that hit the airwaves today that exposes John Gordon as a "Ticking Time Bomb."


The ad exposes Gordon's various arrests and lawsuits, and refers to this item from court records:

“After entering the Republican Party Headquarters, Plaintiff was confronted by Defendant John Gordon, Secretary of the Williamson County Republican Party…Defendant Gordon immediately verbally attacked Plaintiff in an almost violent confrontation threatening to destroy Plaintiff and Plaintiff’s wife, Vivian Wood, if Plaintiff filed in the Republican General Primary of March 8, 1994,for State Representative District 52. More particularly, Defendant John Gordon threatened to beat Plaintiff to pieces and to ruin his political career and political career of his wife.”

Is this the kind of person we want representing us in the Texas House?

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