Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wilco Among Most Conservative-Friendly in U.S.

News outlet The Daily Caller has ranked Williamson County, Texas in the top 40 'Most Conservative-Friendly counties' in the country. The ranking is based on various conservative criteria, including how the county voted in the last two presidential elections, married family percentages, the State's laws regarding unions/labor, abortion, and Second Amendment rights, and intangibles such as the number of prominent conservative politicians in the county.

Williamson County is north of Austin and has implicitly marketed itself as a conservative alternative to the heavily liberal capital city. Dell Computers is headquartered in the massive suburb/city of Round Rock, which is much unlike the upscale liberal locales in Silicon Valley. Georgetown, the center of the county, is the site of the newest Sun City retirement community, which promises to be a renewable source of conservatism for years to come.

According to The Daily Caller, Williamson County is number 34, and while many Texas counties made the list, the most conservative-friendly county is Delaware County, Ohio.

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