Monday, April 26, 2010

Another Allegedly Non-Partisan Race: Cedar Park City Council

Of the many municipal elections in Williamson County, the race for Cedar Park City Council, Place 6 is proving to be one of the more interesting. There are four candidates vying for this seat, (a fifth, Terry Ryan, will appear on the ballot, but has officially dropped out,) and voters should look at each closely.

Previously I blogged about Eddie Hurst, the poor fellow who thinks he is running for City Counsel, serves on an Austin committee, and has trouble with campaign paperwork. The red flags for Hurst continue to mount with a possible conflict of interest in his advocating for a Cedar Park Jazz Festival. As a descendant of old New Orleans families, I love the idea of a Jazz Fest, but the problem for Hurst is that he also has been talking to residents about his plans to open his own jazz bar in Cedar Park. A festival seems like a great way to ensure the success of his private business venture.

Another problem candidate is Maria Talamo. For those who dismiss the 'non-partisan' myth, Talamo, like Hurst, has a Democrat voting history. Especially disturbing are Talamo's plans to introduce a hospital public health taxing authority in Williamson County. (Despite the fact that Wilco currently has more hospital beds than patients.)

Wayne Ruark seems to be a nice guy, with some relevant experience and a genuine concern for CP, but in this particular race, Don Tracy is the standout candidate. Tracy currently serves on the city's 4A Economic Development Board, and has an impressive resume of professional experience that will make him an asset to the CP Council. He has a Republican voting history and a fiscally conservative approach to politics. Check out Tracy's great campaign website for more information.

Early voting starts today, April 26, and will continue through May 4. The Williamson County Elections Office has a complete list of times and locations. Get informed and go vote!

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