Friday, April 2, 2010

Who Is Bob Perry?

In a desperate attempt to distract voters from his own frightening record, John Gordon, candidate for Representative to the Texas House, District 52, has been alleging that campaign donations from homebuilder Bob Perry are somehow scandalous.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

A little background on Bob Perry: Perry (of Perry Homes) is a staunch Conservative who is a backer of TORT reform. He donates funds to Texans For Lawsuit Reform, as well as numerous conservative candidates in Texas. In 2004 he was a major financial backer of the Swift Boat Veterans For Truth, the group that exposed the truth about Senator Kerry's military service. For these efforts, Bob Perry is a conservative hero.

Ironically, while Gordon is complaining about the $90k Bob Perry gave to the Larry Gonzales campaign, Gordon says nothing about his own self-funded campaign, to which he and his family members have contributed well over $100,000. Larry Gonzales is a middle-class business owner, not a wealthy, self-funded candidate, but he is supported by the rest of the conservative community.

In 2008, candidates for House District 52 spent nearly $1 Million dollars each, and estimates indicate 2010 will be no different. Democrats are planning to pour funds into Diana Maldonado's campaign this year, and whichever Republican ends up on the November ballot will have to raise equitable funds.

The Democrats have George Soros; Republicans need big donors too.

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Anonymous said...

Independent candidates need to emerge and find backers too! In the internet age, it is all the more important to seek contributions from the electorate within the candidate's constituency.