Monday, April 12, 2010

Republican Run-off Election Tomorrow

The Republican Run-off Election is tomorrow, April 13, 2010. Polls will be open from 7 am to 7 pm, and eligible voters must report to their assigned precinct polling location in order to vote. Even those who did not vote in the March 2 Primary Election are permitted to participate in the run-off, but registered Democrats (those who voted in the 2010 Democrat Primary) are not eligible.

Williamson County voters need to be aware that several precincts have been combined, and thus have a different polling location for this run-off. A complete list of locations is available at the Williamson County Elections Office site here.

Of course the 'hottest' race for part of Wilco is the House District 52 contest between Larry Gonzales and John Gordon. The winner will face Liberal Democrat Diana Maldonado in November, and local Democrats seem to be relishing the possibility of a Gordon win.

Another race that suddenly turned negative last Friday is that between Brian Russell and Marsha Farney for State Board of Education, District 10.

Statewide, Republicans will also choose between Rick Green and Justice Debra Lehrmann for State Supreme Court.

Turnout is forecast to be between 4 and 6% of registered voters.

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