Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Non-Partisan Election Myth

Whenever a person or group claims to be 'non-partisan,' BIG red flags go up for me, and often a little research proves my suspicions correct. Many groups use the non-partisan label as a means to camouflage their real purpose and agenda, and the term should never be taken at face value. Here in Texas we are well into municipal election season, and in Texas, municipal elections are supposedly 'non-partisan.'


The candidates may not register as members of a political party, and the official party apparatus may not get involved, but I propose that there is no such thing as a 'non partisan' election. Like each of us, candidates must have some ideas on how things ought to be done, or they wouldn't be running for office. I want to know what those ideas are.

Since municipal candidates are not supposed to identify with a party or ideology, voters have to dig a little deeper to discover the respective underlying philosophy. Do you want to entrust your school district's $292 million budget to a liberal Democrat? Even if you don't think party affiliation matters on the MUD or school board, keep in mind that local elected positions often serve as the stepping stone to higher office. Hey, today's PTA President could be tomorrow's Governor!

Voters should disregard the false reassurance of the 'non-partisan' label and do a little research on the candidates. With some 22 towns/cities and 15 Independent School Districts, nearly all Williamson County voters will have the opportunity to participate in one or more election on May 8. Here is an unofficial list of municipal candidates for Williamson County.

In the coming days I will be blogging about some of these races, but surely won't get to all. I urge Williamson County voters to check this list, get informed and please vote on May 8!

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