Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Gonzales Wins Decisive Victory

Republican Candidate for State House District 52, Larry Gonzales, won a decisive victory in the runoff election yesterday, garnering 71.28% of the vote. Voter turnout indicates renewed energy for Republicans since nearly 2,000 more voters participated in the 2010 Primary runoff as did in 2008.

Williamson County Republicans should be pleased to have such a strong candidate to face the Freshman Liberal Incumbent Diana Maldonado this November, and his chances in this Republican-leaning district are very good.

In addition, Williamson County's own Marsha Farney won the runoff for State Board of Education, District 10, with 64% of the vote.

In addition, Williamson County voters mirrored the statewide trend in the race for Texas Supreme Court, giving Debra Lehrmann a 54% margin. Justice Lehrmann won with 53% of the state-wide votes.

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