Saturday, April 3, 2010

Conservative Republicans of Texas Endorse Gonzales

Conservative Republicans of Texas Endorsement
March 30, 2010

Dear Republican Voter,

In these critical days, for our State and Country, it is more important than ever to elect solid, proven conservatives to represent our families and freedoms in Austin. In this important April 13th runoff election, Larry Gonzales stands alone as the true conservative we can trust!

Larry Gonzales is a proven conservative leader at the State Capitol, with nine consecutive legislative sessions of work as a key staff member in the Texas House, for the Lt. Governor, Texas Attorney General, and as an Assistant Vice Chancellor for the Texas State University System.

Larry’s opponent has NO legislative experience at the State Capitol, and would represent another freshman legislator with a four year learning curve. District 52cannot afford to be under-represented going into this key legislative session. His opponent has no solutions or ideas for the problems facing our state.

Indeed, his campaign literature and website has completely avoided addressing any state issue of importance to Texas families and businesses. Failing to discuss the issues is only made worse by the impression that he does not have any ideas for solving them.

Larry’s opponent is also the candidate of “no.” He has a long history of working against every major initiative for dealing with fast growth in Williamson County. He fights against our elected officials and active volunteer leaders on matters of needed infrastructure and schools. He wants to go “back” while Williamson County is moving forward!

In contrast, Larry Gonzales ’ years of experience and valuable legislative insights, have earned the endorsement of numerous conservative organizations including: Texas Alliance for Life PAC, Texas Association of Business BACPAC, Young Conservatives of Texas, Empower Texans PAC, and the Williamson County Republican Assembly.

And it is my pleasure to endorse him as well, as President of Conservative Republicans of Texas.

This runoff election could decide the future of our State and our Country for a generation. I urge you to stand with me in support of Larry Gonzales , to ensure that our future includes lower taxes, less government, secure borders and traditional family values!

Every single vote counts and every vote for Larry Gonzales brings District 52 and Texas one step closer to true conservative leadership. Please visit his website at, to participate in his campaign.

With much appreciation, I remain, as always,

Sincerely yours,

Steven F. Hotze, M.D.
President, Conservative Republicans of Texas

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