Friday, April 20, 2012

Great News: School Super Presiding Over District Decline Will Get Raise in Down Economy

Round Rock ISD School Superintendent Jesus Chavez, who was already raking in  $252,875 per year plus benefits, will not feel the effects of the Obama economy.  It seems that the Round Rock school board voted last night to give him an $8,000 per year raise; including his lavish benefits, taxpayers will provide Chavez with well over $300,000 per year.   

Perhaps the raise was out of gratitude for overseeing the RRISD's drop from being a 'Recognized' district to becoming 'Academically Acceptable.'  One of the most glaring problems in the ISD is the new Cedar Ridge High School:  a nearly $100 million dollar state-of-the-art campus complete with a coffee bar for students, but an academically unacceptable rating.  The school has been very much in the news since woefully inept calculations on the part of Chavez' administration led to overcrowding at CRHS and forced the board to impose yet another painful redistricting on the parents and children of Round Rock. 

The Round Rock school board seems to be moving ever further from listening to the needs of the whole community.  Rather than answering to the electorate, it looks like they answer to the Superintendent they hired.  Despite the public outcry about the redistricting, certain board members expressed outrage that anyone would even dare to question the administration's plan.  After all, they know what's best for kids, not these stupid parents.  Shoot, these parents don't even have a PhD in Education; what can they possibly know about children?

By the way, taxpayers will still be on the hook for Superintendent Chavez' retirement for years to come.  This raise ups his average salary and will ensure that his retirement is very, very comfortable.

Just another reason it is high time to hold our Texas School Districts financially accountable. 

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Mom of 3 said...

Holly you are so right on the mark.It is incredulous that Chavez was given an extension and a raise with the number of grievances that were filed against him.
This board has made the same mistake that the board during Dr. Gaul's tenure did-forgetting who they work for. They do not work for Chavez, they work for the taxpayers and electorate. CHAVEZ WORKS FOR THEM AND US! I am so sick of this rubber-stamping board, their petty, silly games, and most of all tired of watching him, Cox, Colby, Sellers, Chadwell, Hanna and Seiferman IGNORE the majority and continue to bring this district down.
ALL RRISD voters need to send a strong message in November, defeat Chadwell and Seiferman (and if they are smart enough not to run again, defeat whoever Cox and Co. picks to run). They will know the citizens mean business when the next big bond is voted down.
At this point speaking, e-mailing, filing grievances and filling the room with outraged residents and students doesn't seem to get their attention. For whatever reason, the Buzzards and Lawless' of this district seem to have the power (or political favors) to pull strings and get their way despite the vast majority.
This has to stop-the vindictiveness of the other 6 trustees and Chavez against Terri Romere has no place in our district and it needs to stop. She is the only one in the bunch with the kahunas to stand up for what is right and do it openly. She is the ONLY member of that bunch that has all RRISD student's best interest at heart.