Wednesday, April 25, 2012

GOP Primary Notes: Third Court of Appeals

Williamson County Republican voters have an abundance of candidates on the ballot this year, one of which is the race for the Third Court of Appeals, a district that includes 24 counties. 

The candidates are Scott Field and Madeleine Connor.  Interesting thing about Connor is that in 2008 she ran district judge in Travis County as a Democrat.  She had run as a Republican in 2006, and then ran for Justice of the Peace in 2010.  All attempts have been unsuccessful. 

Field ran for the Third Court of Appeals in 2010, as a Republican, and garnered 47% of the vote. 

Scott is certainly the more experienced attorney, and at all levels of the state and federal judicial system.  He started his legal career as a clerk on the Texas Supreme Court, then went on to the international law firm of Baker Botts LLP, where he was named associate of the year, before being elected managing partner of another firm in Austin. He now leads The Field Law Firm, PLLC, where he serves as managing member.  He is a life-long Republican with a strong conservative judicial philosophy

Connor has not been practicing as long, and just barely qualifies for candidacy.  Her experience is much more limited than Field's.  As a Conservative, it's also just really, really difficult to support someone who ran as a Democrat as recently as 2008, and during Obamamania to boot. 

The seat is currently held by liberal Democrat Justice Diane Henson.  Henson will have the full backing of the liberal machine behind her, so we do need a strong candidate with the experience and conservative judicial philosophy we need in Texas courts. 

I think Scott Field is the right choice for Republicans. 

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