Friday, April 27, 2012

Reach of the Week: It's Terri Romere's Fault That My Business is Declining

There were a lot of wild accusations made against Terri Romere during the Kangaroo Court proceedings at the Round Rock School Board hearing earlier this week.  Not only are five of the trustees upset that Romere dissents from board decisions, and they are physically intimidated by her 5 foot, 2 inch stature, but apparently Trustee Brian Sellers also blames her for his business problems. 

Sellers alleged that they needed to censure Romere because:
I've received threats of people claiming that they will not visit establishments that I am a part of,  businesses.(sic)
Huh?  So, it's Terri Romere's fault that people don't want to visit his business?

Maybe it does have something to do with the fact that his 'fine establishment' is awfully close to the Wells Branch neighborhood he and four other board members ignored during the re-zoning fiasco this year.  It's also just two miles away from the over-crowded, academically unacceptable Cedar Ridge High School.  Or maybe voters are upset that he voted to up the Superintendent's salary to $260,000 plus benefits.

Or maybe Mr. Sellers is just looking for someone to blame for his own business issues. 

Next thing you know, we'll be hearing that Terri Romere was seen dancing with the devil under a full moon and casting a spell on Glenn Colby's cat. 

This is a pretty far-fetched reason to censure Trustee Romere, and that's why it qualifies for the 'Reach of the Week.'


Mom of 3 said...

Bravvo! I'd like to know the name of his business so I can post a BOYCOTT on the Wells Branch Google group and facebook page!

Jeffrey Fuller said...

Holly, you do a wonderful job pointing out Mr. Sellers position, but might I add a bit of imagery to your description that shows Sellers (along with other board members) wrapped in a diaper, waving a rattle, and screaming their heads off like babes?