Tuesday, May 1, 2012

County Attorney's Office Instructs RRISD on Procedure and Admonishes ISD Officials and Employees

Back in February, the Round Rock School Board voted 5-2 to ask the Williamson County Attorney's office to investigate Trustee Terri Romere for allegedly releasing a private email address.  The CA's office has now concluded their investigation of the matter, but probably did not give the results certain board members had hoped for.

In a letter to RRISD Superintendent Jesus Chavez dated April 26,2012, Assistant County Attorney Shannon C. Francis notes that although they do not usually investigate a possible crime unless the alleged victim makes a report, they did investigate and respond.  Francis also writes that in the future, "the more appropriate response" is to refer that individual to a local law enforcement agency."

So, basically the RRISD Board's PR stunt to shame Terri Romere was inappropriate.

The letter also states that the County Attorney's office is "not concluding that anyone definitely has or has not violated the Public Information Act."

Furthermore, Francis also notes that "records were released by the Round Rock ISD Superintendent with private email addresses visible." 

The County Attorney's letter does go on to say that it appears an attempt was made to redact the email addresses, however, "Failure to fully redact confidential information could also possibly or arguably indicate a violation of the Public Information Act."

In closing, Francis states:

"Accordingly, please consider this letter a cautionary admonishment that all officials and employees of the Round Rock ISD take care to understand their obligations under the Public Information Act."  And, "This concludes our investigation and no further action will be taken regarding your request."

So, this part of the "Destroy Terri Romere" campaign seems to be at an end.

Interestingly enough, the Round Rock School Board will be huddled tonight in closed session to decide if they will comply with Trustee Romere's request for documents.  It seems she has requested communications between April 1 and April 25 (the lynching took place on April 24) and the board and administration aren't too keen on turning them over.

I wonder why? 

Full moon this weekend, by the way.

P.S.  I do have the full copy of the County Attorney's letter to Chavez, but am unable to scan and post due to technical difficulties.  Will post as soon as I can get hardware issues resolved. 

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Erik Okerholm said...

I would like to understand proceedings and ramifications regarding the PIA violation by the RRISD Administration on M.F. emails as well as a few others that could be made out in the release to the Statesman. Any update or traction on that "actual issue"?