Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Wilco Early Voting Results

The Williamson County Elections Department has posted Early Voting totals.  Keep in mind that totals can shift significantly once all the votes are counted, but often EV totals are pretty good indicators.

Here's a few snapshots:

House District 136:

Tony Dale:  55.40%
Matt Stillwell:  39.86%
Matt Whittington:  4.74%

Round Rock ISD will include votes from both Travis and Williamson County, so don't get too worked up here.

Round Rock ISD, Place 2:

Williamson County:  Tere McCann:  45.13%
                                  Chad Chadwell:  54.87%
Travis County:          McCann: 43.9%
                                  Chadwell: 56.10%

Round Rock ISD, Place 7:

Williamson County:  Pauline Law:  65.56%
                                  Eric Pav:  34.44%

Travis County:          Pauline Law: 62.69%
                                  Eric Pav: 37.31%

Other Early Vote leaders in Williamson County include Tom Maynard, Jana Duty, and Daniel Caldwell (ACC). 

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