Wednesday, November 14, 2012

RRISD Board to Take Up Sex Ed on Thursday UPDATED: District Drops Discussion...For Now

According to the posted agenda for the November 15 meeting, the Round Rock ISD board will include the district's sex education curriculum as a "Discussion Item."  (As opposed to an "Action Item.")  The agenda also includes a 20-minute public communications period, but only for "items not on the agenda."  I did make a few inquiries yesterday, and was told that the public would be able to comment on the proposed sex education curriculum changes at "some point" during the meeting. 

It appears the only opportunity parents will have to voice any concerns or opinions will be at the November 15 meeting.  Despite the marked importance of this topic, the RRISD has made little effort to include parents or invite input.  The proposed changes are allegedly the result of a formal recommendation from the RRISD SHAC (School Health Advisory Council,) but scant information has been made available on the composition or activities of the SHAC.  (Even though Texas Education Code requires a "detailed explanation of the council's activities.) Furthermore, according to one SHAC member, it is possible that neither the creation nor the proceedings of the RRISD SHAC are in compliance with state law.

Sadly, my guess is that moving the RRISD sex education curriculum towards a 'comprehensive' program was a forgone conclusion from the beginning.  The education establishment has long taken the elitist view that they alone know what's best for children, even in the area of sex education.

There are those who really believe that condoms allow 'safe sex,' (even though they do not prevent transmission of sexually transmitted diseases like HPV and Herpes, and are unreliable for preventing pregnancy.)  The argument is that kids, being just biological animals, are going to "do it anyway," and so we need to make it easy and 'safe.'  Unfortunately, our culture is engaged in a hyper-sexualization of children from a very early age.  (Just take a look at the 'prosti-toddler' wear available for your little girls at the local department store.)  Teaching kids 'safe sex' is like putting a band-aid on a gaping wound.

If you would like to provide input to the Round Rock Independent School District on the direction of the sex education curriculum, I suggest that you attend the November 15 meeting.  (7:00 PM at the Round Rock High School Lecture Hall, 300 Lake Creek Drive.)  I also strongly encourage you to email or call your elected school board members.

Please remember to be courteous and respectful in communicating any concerns.

UPDATE:  Late yesterday afternoon, the Round Rock Independent School District sent out an E-newsletter which casually included the following:

At the Nov. 15 Round Rock ISD Board of Trustees meeting, the district will pull the discussion item on the "Sex Education Curriculum and Implementation Plan." District officials learned recently that the process used to form the district's School Health Advisory Council may not have followed proper procedures and policies. The community is encouraged to still attend and sign up to speak at tonight's 7 p.m. Board Meeting located at the Round Rock High School Lecture Hall, 300 Lake Creek Drive, Round Rock, TX 78681. In the future, community members will be given additional opportunities to speak on this topic...

The full statement may be read on the RRISD website here.


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