Saturday, November 3, 2012

Bias Alert: Local Newspapers To Readers: "Hey, Don't Be Quoting Our Quotes!"

Apparently our local media doesn't like it when Conservatives quote them verbatim.

In an October 17, 2012 story, the Round Rock Leader newspaper quoted school board president Chad Chadwell as saying:
"I would rather risk making a few students and teachers feel uncomfortable and show them condom use and prevent some teen pregnancies..."
 This morning the same paper has a retraction that states:  "Chadwell did not say the district's sex education curriculum should show students condom use."

This begs some interesting questions:  Why did the Round Rock Leader report the statement as an exact quote if it wasn't true?  Does the Leader just make up quotes that sound good?  So what did Chadwell say?  And why are they so upset that readers believed what they wrote and used it? 

Can we trust anything printed in the Round Rock Leader?

In addition, the Round Rock Leader's parent newspaper, the Austin American Statesman reports that:
On Oct. 20, 2012, the Statesman published a summary of the Leader story stating Hanna and Chadwell had said they supported showing students how to effectively use a condom.
Ironically, even thought both the Round Rock Leader and the AAS have reported these statements, both have condemned conservative Tere McCann for using these quotes!  Oddly enough, the Statesman even notes that:
In reaction, Chadwell emailed a statement to reporters that does not directly contradict McCann’s description of his remarks.
So did Chadwell support condom demonstrations or not?  And why is the local media covering for him?  And now, despite all of these fine stories put out by our local newspapers, the same newspapers are claiming anyone who quotes them is lying?  Wow, I'd say Orwell is alive and well.

I guess this is just more evidence that the Main Stream Media cannot be trusted.  Ever.

As Bernard Goldberg wrote:
With such a glaring lack of integrity that we witness from the news outlets each and every day, it’s sometimes hard to hold out hope that things will ever change for the better.

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