Thursday, October 25, 2012

Obligatory Post on the Austin Community College Board Election

Okay, so many of you are asking for guidance on the Austin Community College Board races that I'll just go ahead an put it here instead of answering so many emails and Facebook messages.

ACC Board Members are elected at large, so pretty much any conservative votes coming from the outlying areas like Williamson County, etc, have been effectively neutralized.  No conservatives or Republicans are bothering to run this year.

It's too bad, since the ACC District has raised the tax rate by 184% over the past decade. (Just another reason Texas local property tax growth is far exceeding the rate of inflation.)

Place 7 candidates are Dr. Barbara Mink (incumbent) and Brig Mireles.  As a well-known lefty blog recently stated, both are "liberal Democrats."  I voted for Mink as the lesser of two liberals.  Mireles is too heavily involved in the labor union movement in Texas. 

For Place 8 there is only one candidate:  Betty Hwang.

For Place 9, the incumbent is Allen Kaplan, another Democrat, and he is challenged by Libertarian Daniel James Caldwell.  Caldwell has about as much chance of winning as (fill in your favorite zero-chances metaphor).

That's all I've got to say about that.

To look up a sample ballot and find a list of Early Voting times, dates, and locations, visit the Williamson County Elections Office website. 


Robb Wilson said...

Thanks, Holly- How do you go about finding out who these candidates are on the 'minor' down ballot races? In short, how do we save you time and edumacate ourselves?


Holly Hansen said...

Well Robb, that's a good question. One of the reasons I started this blog was because I was so frustrated by the lack of accurate reporting on local issues. I was tired of witnessing an event or meeting first-hand and then reading a highly skewed version of what happened or what was said in our local media- or worse yet, having the local media ignore significant issues & events.

Most area families have busy, productive lives and do not have much extra time, but I suggest you try to attend local meetings, subscribe to newsletters, talk to your elected officials, and just research with a discriminating eye. (Don't believe everything you read!)

Alan C said...

Bless you, Holly!
I found this blog entry while in the booth this afternoon, while stuck at the ACC section of the ballot. Wonderful, THANK YOU for doing my homework.

Good luck to my friend Daniel Caldwell, he's an interesting character facing an uphill battle. But I think he'd be an honest advocate for the taxpayers of Williamson County.


DCaldwell said...

I wish I read this article when it would have been timely (before I lost the election with 112,000 to 116,000 votes).
No offense taken, but who said I was a libertarian?
I was a delegate from Williamson County to the Republican State Convention in 2012, so the writer did not do their homework properly.
My thanks go out to Alan for speaking up for me.

Holly Hansen said...

Mr. Caldwell, I cannot remember who gave me the information, but I do remember that it was not intended to be derogatory at all. We would have loved to have celebrated a victory with you!