Saturday, October 20, 2012

Did RRISD Candidate Pav Violate Campaign Finance Law?

It seems that Eric Pav may have accepted a corporate donation to fund his campaign for Round Rock School Board.   Corporate donations are strictly prohibited, and accepting them is a third degree felony.  I'll give Mr. Pav the benefit of the doubt and assume that he just doesn't understand state law, but this is cause for concern about how he will manage school district affairs.  Accordingly, the Pauline Law campaign has issued the following statements: 

Pauline Law, candidate for Round Rock ISD Board Place 7 stated:
“If this is in fact correct, it reflects on the inability of my opponent to complete a simple task. The school board tackles many complex issues and mistakes of this nature cannot be taken lightly.”
Campaign consultant Shannon Way stated:
“Our concern is that Mr. Pav may have committed a third degree felony. Mr. Pav should know the basic rules of campaign finance reporting. They are not complicated rules and clearly state candidates or officeholders are not allowed to receive corporate contributions.”


Julia Beaumariage said...

You know what folks? This whole process of voting for a school board member is becoming quite unbelievable. Since when does an opponent get to slander and make the other candidate look like a criminal for a simple filing mistake? Eric Pav is an upstanding citizen of this community and he is one of the smartest men I know, so to suggest he does not understand the law because a check got filed incorrectly? Again, Mrs. Law, shame on you for playing dirty with such suggestions. Had I met you under different circumstances I might even like you, but I now have a very bad taste in my mouth for you. Since you can't find anything good to say as to why you are a better choice for this position your strategy is to make up lies about your opponent. Again, you should be ashamed.

Holly Hansen said...

You know, Julia, I feel the same way. I was pretty appalled when days after the filing deadline members of the Pav camp were down at the Williamson County Courthouse to "dig up dirt" on Pauline Law. I was even more shocked when either Mr. Pav or a member of his campaign set up not one, but two "anonymous" shadow sites to spread possible slander against Pauline Law and other women of the community. If after launching into such dirty tactics Mr. Pav is now offended that his campaign is being scrutinized, that would be the very height of hypocrisy. He who lives by the sword...

Scott Campbell said...

Julia, I don't know Eric or Pauline beyond what I have read online as reported at the candidate forums and their personal websites & facebook pages. However, I do have to say that Eric seems reluctant to produce a copy of the check in question related to the finance reporting discrepancy. Reference Eric's candidate facebook page to see the requests.