Monday, October 8, 2012

New Endorsements in Round Rock ISD Races

While the Williamson County Republican Party Chairman, Bill Fairbrother, does not endorse in the 'technically' non-partisan races for school districts, another group, the Williamson County Republican Leaders organization has announced a list of endorsements for the 2012 Election.  Among the local endorsements for known Conservatives like Tony Dale (HD-136,) the group has also voted to support two candidates for the Round Rock ISD Board:  Tere McCann and Pauline Law.

Read the Press Release from Williamson County Republican Leaders.

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Steamboat Jack said...

If you look at their recent voting history, you realize that the RRISD board has gone rogue. We may disagree on Chief Justice John Roberts’ opinion on the Health Care Act, but he did make one very important point: If your elected officials do things you don’t like, it is YOUR duty to get rid of them. It’s time to just let them go!