Monday, October 22, 2012

Chadwell: Hey! Let's Show Kids How to Put On Condoms!

Wants to show your kids how to use a condom?

A push has begun in the Round Rock ISD and other districts to implement what they call "Abstinence Plus" sex education.  Although the district already has a sex education program that teaches students about contraception, the district does not provide actual demonstrations on how to put on condoms.  Now, some board members, including President Chad Chadwell want to change all that.  As Chadwell told the Round Rock Leader:
"I would rather risk making a few students and teachers feel uncomfortable and show them condom use and prevent some teen pregnancies..."
Of course Chadwell et al., have yet to provide any specifics about how these demonstrations will take place, and the term "Abstinence Plus" is left intentionally vague.  In other Texas districts these new programs have produced intense backlash from parents, as in the case of a highly graphic middle school curriculum introduced in the Cy-Fair District.  As Todd  Starnes of Fox News reported:

Hundreds of Houston-area parents are outraged over a new sex education program that teaches 12-year-old children about oral, anal and vaginal sex – and uses graphic curriculum to instruct students on how to use condoms...
Some of the video was so graphic that a Houston television station was unable to air footage from the curriculum, Kalmbach said.

“I think it’s soft porn when they have a girl on the couch and she says, ‘Let me help you put the condom on,’” parent Mayte Weitzman told television station KTRK. “They’re teaching them oral, anal and vaginal sex,” she said. “They’re teaching them all kinds of sex. They’re not focusing on abstinence.”

Quite a few parents are starting to ask questions about RRISD and "Abstinence Plus," and I have been bombarded with emails over the past week.  (Still trying to sort through it all...)  I'm sure we'll be hearing much more about it, but the statements both Chad Chadwell and Catherine Hanna gave to the Round Rock Leader already are disturbing enough.  Furthermore, some board members believe teachers themselves should be teaching these intimate sexual issues, a factor that is bound to dramatically alter the teacher-student dynamic in a highly troubling way. 

Just another reason Mr. Chadwell does not adequately represent the values of the district.   Fortunately, we have a choice.  Early Voting began today, and I strongly encourage RRISD parents and residents to vote for Tere McCann for RRISD Place 2


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