Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Resignations at Round Rock ISD Prompt More Questions Than Answers

Last Friday Round Rock ISD Trustee Glen Colby suddenly announced his resignation from the board.  In a letter to the Board President, Colby stated he wants to spend more time as a father to his children.

Colby's sudden announcement is the third surprise resignation this year; in January Superintendent Jesus Chavez unexpectedly announced his retirement, and this week Alan Albers, the Director of Facilities who oversees construction,  also retired.

Alber's announcement is interesting in light of the recent questions about construction contracts awarded by the ISD.  Although two board members have been attempting to obtain information about the $25 million Success High School and contract awards, the Superintendent has refused to cooperate.  Colby and several other members of the board have been especially shrill in condemning inquiries into these matters and moved to shut down any further investigations.

As for Glen Colby's resignation, there is much going on here.  Colby has been on the board since 2008, but many are wondering how the ISD kept quiet his 2010 arrest.  (Fail to Stop and Render Aid/State Jail Felony- Austin Police case number 10-0171224- files available at the Williamson County Courthouse if you would like to exercise your Freedom of Information Act rights.) Colby posted a $1,500 bond, but the previous Williamson County District Attorney's office did not invite the investigating officer to present evidence to the grand jury.  Former D.A. John Bradley's office obtained a 'no-bill' from the grand jury; the only reason given is "other."  (as opposed to lack of evidence or "the complaining witness requesting dismissal.")

(Imagine Colby was a Conservative-one suspects this would have been front-page news...)

There's a whole lot here that isn't passing the smell test.

The current Board will appoint a replacement for Colby; not an encouraging thought considering all the smoke and mirrors that have been at play in RRISD.

Do we trust this organization to do what is right?  Too choose an adequate replacement for Colby?  To choose a new Superintendent?

It seems that there are many questions here that need to be answered. 


Cindi said...

The organization seems to have failed us. How do we trust? We need to get candidates to fill these positions that we trust!

AAlbers said...

Dear Ms Hansen,
I don’t normally read this type media, but this post was brought to my attention and I felt I needed to respond to the part pertaining to me. Your readers deserve accurate information as it pertains to the use of my name so they could draw their own conclusions if necessary, but at least do so with accurate information about me.

Yes, I am departing Round Rock ISD, but at the end of this summer – not this week or this month, and I’m RETIRING, not resigning. Further, I’ll let you and your readers know that I had originally planned to retire in December 2012. Unfortunately, a key staff member had to take an unexpected early retirement late last fall due to medical reasons, and I did not want to leave the district and that department with a key role unfilled before hiring a replacement for that position. I also wanted to provide several months of overlap and continuity with the new person so district operations would not be impacted. Since that hire was accomplished, I finalized my retirement plans during spring break and announced that intent last week to a select few individuals.

I’ve been blessed to work in Round Rock ISD for 15 years and have worked for and with a number of very professional, quality people up and down the organization. The work environment I’m used to, what’s been expected of me, and what I expect of the people in my departments, is one of absolute integrity and honesty.

I don’t recall ever meeting you or communicating with you in any manner (email, phone, etc), and I’m surprised that you, as a citizen blogger, would make statements about an individual or a topic without checking your source(s) and vetting the information. I’m expected to be accurate in my work and I’m held accountable for what I do for the district and the taxpayers.

I would therefore ask that if you have questions about the district’s processes under my purview or about my work for the district, please contact me at your convenience. Thank You – Alan Albers

Holly Hansen said...

Thank you for the clarification, Mr. Albers. I can only imagine how disconcerting it must be to have your name lumped in with this group. May your forthcoming retirement be a peaceful one.