Friday, April 26, 2013

Misinformation About Union Political Disclosures

Yesterday I posted about Texas' Senate Bill 346, which would require greater political disclosure but would exempt labor unions from the new law.  Apparently some Republicans are defending the exemption because they have been led to believe that unions already engage in disclosure.

Political ethics attorney Jerad Najvar has done some fact-checking on these claims and shows that under IRS rules, even if a labor union engages in political advertising the union does NOT have to divulge contributor information.  Furthermore, unions can and do accept third-party contributions which do not have to be disclosed. 

Read the full story at Lex Politico

I'm afraid some of our legislators have been seriously mislead and I am pleading with them to do their homework before voting on Senate Bill 346.  As written, this bill is unacceptable. 

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