Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Leander ISD Staff Proposes "Cuts" That Include $25 Million In Spending Increases

While leaders in the Leander Independent School District are struggling to cope with the poor financial management of the past, LISD staffers don't seem to understand the concept of budget 'cuts.'  At an April 22 budget workshop, the administration presented a plan that was billed as featuring 'serious cuts,' but proposes annual spending increases.  While the 2012-2013 budget was approved at $237 million, the 2013-14 budget jumps to $250 million.  

One LISD trustee, Lisa Mallory, has shared a graph of proposed increases on her Facebook page:

Proposed "Cuts" to the LISD Budget.

Wow.  Presenting a budget that climbs significantly for three years in a row as a 'cut,' is pretty audacious.  Intellectually insulting to both the board and taxpayers, too. 

Part of the proposal includes draining the LISD reserve funds by some $19 million to cover deficit spending. (If Leander wants to follow in Round Rock ISD's footsteps, those funds could yield as many as oh, six classrooms.) 

If you're not going to cut the budget, fine.  But don't call spending increases 'serious cuts.'  It's positively Obamaesque.  

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