Thursday, September 8, 2011

Texas House District 149 Update: Updated Update

While a handful of Williamson County residents are already publicly endorsing candidates, I think this is a good time to point out that the filing period for the 2012 Primary Election is a few months away, and we still don't know which candidates will actually file to run. 

In the newly created Texas House District 149, former State Representative Corbin Van Arsdale, who recently moved to Williamson County, is the only candidate who has announced.  However, according to long-time residents of Western Williamson County, there are at least three strong candidates with deep roots in the community who may file to run for the new Texas House District 149 seat.  One of these in particular has been described as a 'game changer.'

Despite his 2008 Primary loss to Republican Allen Fletcher, Van Arsdale has indicated he would very much like to return to the State Legislature.   He has been meeting with many local leaders and trying to learn about the community.  Prior to purchasing his home in Cedar Park last April,  Van Arsdale resided in West Austin, and has remained involved in government issues as a lobbyist.  He seems capable enough, but residents are still learning about him, and many are waiting to see if one of their own will enter this race.

At this point, I would say any endorsements are premature.

Update:  The cat is out of the bag as they say:  Cedar Park City Councilman Tony Dale is announcing this Tuesday.  Details here. 

Update:  Corbin Van Arsdale sent an email to his supporters last Friday, September 16, and Monday, September 19, he announced he is withdrawing from the race.

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MJSamuelson said...

Extremely premature. In a field that could produce as many as fifteen candidates, just based on speculation and rumor in WilCo to date, any endorsement issued now could be regretted within days. That being said, in such a high profile race and an open seat to boot, it would be unwise for a serious candidate to put off an announcement very much longer.