Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sadly Obligatory Post on Anonymous Activism

As distasteful as it is, I find myself obligated to write about an anonymous package I received in the mail on August 27.  The packet contained negative political stories about Ted Pataki, who was considering running for the new Texas House District 149 seat, and about Governor George Pataki, who, to my knowledge, was never considering running for the Texas House District 149 seat. 

Just to clarify, the package was anonymous.  'Anonymous' in this grammatical construct means the author/sender did not identify himself or herself.  In other words, the package had no return address, no signature, and no other identifying details other than the postmark (mailed from Austin.)  No one has confessed, and I do not know who sent it.

Naturally, I have shared the above details with my fellow activists in Williamson County, and, in accordance with human nature, these folks have 1) expressed shock and disgust at such Byzantine tactics, and 2) speculated as to who would have motivation to do such a thing.  

It seems some supporters of another candidate are very upset with me for discussing the anonymous packet with others, since it has led to much speculation.  I had no intention of writing about this matter, but now I am being harassed for discussing the anonymous packet and have even received thinly veiled threats about legal action.  Therefore I am posting the facts of the matter here and stating once again that I do not know who sent the packet.   

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