Monday, September 5, 2011

Central Texas Fires: Updated

This post has been updated to include revised numbers for the Texas wildfire response budget. 

For those looking for information on the Central Texas fires, Lisa Birkman at the Williamson County Conservative Examiner just posted information on fire damage in Wilco, and Michele Samuelson at Blue Dot Blues has great information on the widespread impact, as well as important resources for assistance. 

If you have not already done so, consider registering your cell phone with the Capital Area Council of Governments so that you will receive phone notification if your area is threatened.  Unfortunately, the registration won't take effect immediately, but it could save your life in a future crisis. 

Finally, while some are claiming eeeevillll Republicans cut the Texas wildfire response budget, Lawrence Person has the facts at his BattleSwarm Blog.  Apparently, Governor Perry and the state legislature actually increased the allocation by about 80%,  from $109 million in 2010-11 to $196.2 million in 2012-13.

Please be safe and keep praying for those in danger. 


Corey Ann Leamon said...

Thanks for sharing info on the fires - the wider it goes, the better.

I noticed you read Lawrence Person's post on the revenue for Texas Forest Service. He had a faulty source; his source actually had no sources, ironically. No one is calling Republicans "eeeevillll" (nice emphasis). We are simply holding the government accountable for its actions (I'm sure you often are frustrated by federal govt... tx govt needs watchful eyes, too, we are a big state).
Here you can read HB1 and HB4 where allocations were made, noticing that a total of $39.2 million was given to the Texas Forest Service (including firefighter pension), not $81 million. Please make a correction on your blog after seeing the numbers in the HBs. I welcome you to see for yourself that the $81mil number is very wrong.

from this website:


Be safe out there.

cmac said...

In a time of crisis is it really the place for commentary on the Democrats? People are losing their homes and waiting in angst and worry about if they might have to relocate. Show some class.

Holly Hansen said...

Thanks Corey Ann. Lawrence contacted his State Rep, and has the official numbers showing that the budget was increased by about 80%. It seems it's a little hard to follow since a portion of the budget was completed during the regular session, and the additional funds were added during the special session.

Holly Hansen said...

cmac: Ummm, I believe the folks at the Huffington Post started the discussion and threw the first punch over funding. Are you suggesting that Conservatives should not answer the charges?