Monday, April 18, 2011

Rep Gonzales Working on House Districts for Williamson County

As KXAN news reported last night, State Representative Larry Gonzales has been working "feverishly" to create a redistricting plan that would best represent the communities of Williamson County. 

Many of us have been concerned since the unveiling of the initial plan from the House Committee on Redistricting last week.  Williamson County would include three House Districts, but those districts would split up communities with common interests.  In some map proposals, the City of Round Rock would be separated from the Round Rock Higher Education Center, the Dell Computers Campus, and the Dell Baseball stadium, all projects initiated by Round Rock residents. 

In addition to Rep. Gonzales, many others expressed concern about the maps involving Wilco.  Milam County Judge Dave Barkemeyer testified that his county would like to continue to be a part of House District 20, which includes Georgetown.  He indicated that the interests of Milam are better aligned with north Williamson County.  Rep. Hildebran indicated that Burnet County residents prefer to be grouped with other Hill Country counties rather than the more urban southern Williamson County. 

You can help Representative Gonzales by sending him an email of support at .  The more letters he has from the community, the stronger his case will be. 

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