Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Media Matters Doesn't Like Christians or Something

It seems that I have annoyed Media Matters with my posts about Planned Parenthood and the fact that none of their Texas clinics have mammogram machines. So last week they decided to reveal a secret about me. Are you ready? I am "a self-proclaimed Christian, Conservative, Republican Grassroots Activist." I know my readers will be shocked to learn this, but I do hope some of them will stick around.

Apparently in the George-Soros-Media-Matters alternate universe, these attributes automatically disqualify me as a pundit and credible source.  What MM does not acknowledge is that according to open records from the Department of State Health Services, Planned Parenthood is not able to provide important screenings for breast cancer because they do not own the necessary equipment.  Furthermore, while the government and charities are providing funds for 'women's health care,' to Planned Parenthood, women who need a doctor for anything other than an abortion will have to be sent elsewhere. 

But since I am a "Christian, Conservative, Republican Grassroots Activist," pay no mind. 

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