Thursday, April 14, 2011

Fun With Redistricting: Updated

The Texas House Redistricting Committee has posted proposed new maps on-line for all to view, and there are many raised eyebrows on both sides of the aisle.

Not surprisingly, Williamson County is drawn to include three districts: District 20, District 52, and a new District 149. While 20 and 52, represented by Republicans Charles Schwertner and Larry Gonzales respectively, are entirely contained within Wilco, the new district 149 is, well, interesting, to say the least. Looking like the two-headed creature from Lake LBJ, the proposed HD 149 would include parts of Burnet, Travis, and Williamson counties, and all of Milam County. About 60% of the District 149 population would be in Wilco.

These districts look very 'Republican,' for now. Some Republicans are concerned about what the future would hold some of these, including HD 149.  Stay tuned; I have no doubt there will be fun times ahead.

Here is the link to view the proposed maps:

Update: More 'Fun' Notes on the proposed map: Forest Creek development will be split  between House District 52 and the new House District 149 along Forest Creek Drive and Hilton Head Drive.  Georgetown High School will land in District 52, while Round Rock's Stony Point High School will land in District 20.  District 20 will dip down further into Round Rock to Highway 79 in places, and will claim the Round Rock higher education area and Terra Vista.  It's looking like most of the towns and cities in Wilco will be split in various ways.

Also, I am being told the Democrats are positively thrilled with the Travis County map since it kills all chances of ever beating Democrats Donna Howard or Mark Strama.  It seems the strongest GOP precincts were moved to HD 47, represented by Republican Paul Workman, and HD 26, represented by Democrat Dawnna Dukes.

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