Thursday, September 25, 2014

George P Bush in Cedar Park

George P. Bush, GOP candidate for Texas Land Commissioner, will be making a special campaign stop in Cedar Park next Tuesday, September 30.

George "P," is considered a rising star in Texas politics and has lead efforts for Hispanic "inclusion" within the GOP.  He has a very diverse background, but near and dear to my heart, he is a former history teacher and has been a proponent of education reform. 

He is favored to beat his Democrat opponent this November, (former El Paso mayor John Cook,) but smart candidates never take anything for granted.  If you can't make this event, be sure to support George P. Bush for Texas Land Commissioner.

Just FYI:  The Hansen Family has relocated to Harris County.  I will only be posting limited items on the Williamson County Conservative blogsite from now on.  Not sure what the Good Lord has in mind for the future, but I'm contemplating a new, less local blog.  Will keep ya' posted. 

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-KenB said...

Best of luck to you with whatever your future hands you. Let us know more about your Less Local Blog soon !