Thursday, September 4, 2014

Enter the "Report Government Waste" Contest

Senator Tom Coburn's annual "Wastebook" always leaves me gnashing my teeth over federal government waste.  After all, when American families are struggling with stagnant wages, higher taxes and higher costs-of-living, learning that my tax dollars have gone to essential functions like studying romance or developing zombie-themed video games, can certainly put me in the mood to vote early and often. 

Although the federally-oriented "Wastebook" gets a lot of press each year, let's not forget that our local government entities can be guilty of some pretty outrageously wasteful expenditures.   Usually less subject to public scrutiny, local officials can slip in some crazy purchases.  (They also really seem to enjoy attending very expensive seminars and 'retreats' on the taxpayer dime.) 

Ever in pursuit of more fiscally-responsible, common-sense government, this year Texas Public Policy Action is holding a contest for citizens to expose waste.  Competitors can submit written essays or original creative videos to TPPA by October 24, 2014, and winners will be announced in November.  As important (and fun) as it is just to document government waste, participants in the contest may win cash:  $4,000 for 1st place, $2,000 for 2nd place, and $1,000 for third.  Hey, you could probably use the funds to pay at least part of your property tax bill this year!

I'm really looking forward to seeing more government waste exposed, and just knowing that you are watching might make your local elected officials less arrogant a little more careful!  So please check out the details of the TPPA contest here and see what you can find.   

Good Luck!

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