Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Nouveau Republicans: Agricultural Comissioner Edition: Updated

While we love to welcome converts to political Right, it is always a good idea to question the sincerity of new candidates who 'suddenly' became Republicans.  It is common in Texas and more conservative counties like Williamson to find a number of 'newbies' filing to run in the GOP Primary; unfortunately, it seems that some of these nouveau Republicans are less than enthusiastic about the party platform.

One contest drawing concern is that for Texas Agricultural Commissioner.  Four 'Republicans' have filed: J Carnes, Tommy Merritt, Eric Opiela, and Sid Miller.  Opiela just received the endorsement of the Texas Alliance for Life PAC, Miller is a State Rep with some good conservative credentials, and Merritt is also a former GOP State Rep, but hasn't gotten much love from conservatives, and up until last Fall it was rumored he might run on the Democrat ticket. 

Uvalde Mayor J Allen Carnes is a bigger problem.  According to his voting records, he voted in the Democrat Primary in 2008 (Hillary or Obama?) and in 2010 (Bill White or Farouk Shami?) only switching to the Republican Primary in 2012.  Carnes has also donated to Texas Democrats Pete Gallego, Henry Cuellar, and Ciro Rodriguez.  Unsurprisingly, Carnes has been reluctant to discuss issues important to key Republican voters like, abortion or Obamacare.

For those of you who naively argue that the Ag Commissioner (or Williamson County Treasurer) won't have anything to do with most GOP platform issues, don't be stupid.  Every elected office is a potential launch pad for higher office.  Why should we care about the political philosophy of the Agricultural Commissioner?  Because Rick Perry.  Yes, another party switcher, but one that proved to be sincere.  I'm not seeing such sincerity from Mr. Carnes at this point. The last thing we need right now is a bunch of wishy-washy Republicans who can't be counted on to stand strong for core values.

I haven't endorsed anyone, but I'm a definite "no" on J Allen Carnes. 

Jeff Maurice in 2010- another party-switcher for a season.  
Ran as a Republican for County Attorney in 2012.

UPDATE:  Oh dear, while this was not intended as an endorsement piece, some have interpreted my choice of words as downplaying Sid Miller's credentials.  This was completely unintended.  For those unaware, Miller has been endorsed by several groups, including Texas Right to Life, Texans for Fiscal Responsibility, and the Young Conservatives of Texas.  And of course, Miller has garnered the essential Ted Nugent vote too.   Rock on.

UPDATE:   And Tallion Taylor, "Republican" for Judge of the Williamson County Court at Law #3 is also a 'recent convert' with no evidence to suggest he much cares for Conservative principles.  Stick with Doug Arnold on this one.

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