Friday, August 30, 2013

Bad People

I know most everyone with a brain has already jumped on this idiot, but not all of my followers read Hot Air, etc., so I would just like to bring your attention to the Slate piece entitled "If You Send Your Kid To Private School You Are a Bad Person."

In the article, Allison Benedikt 'argues' that if everyone in the nation sent their kids to public school, eventually the public schools would be great.  She actually writes:
I am not an education policy wonk: I’m just judgmental. But it seems to me that if every single parent sent every single child to public school, public schools would improve. This would not happen immediately. It could take generations. Your children and grandchildren might get mediocre educations in the meantime, but it will be worth it, for the eventual common good.
 In short, your kids will get a lousy education, but in the long run, public schools might improve, and you are bad for not sacrificing your children to her idea of the common good.  Never mind that even parents who opt out still pay for public school.

Another gem from the article:
Reading Walt Whitman in ninth grade changed the way you see the world? Well, getting drunk before basketball games with kids who lived at the trailer park near my house did the same for me. In fact it’s part of the reason I feel so strongly about public schools.

Benedikt says many other shockingly stupid things and expresses pride in her shoddy education and inability to reason.  Her 'argument' has already been thoroughly destroyed, here, here, and here.

Sadly, like Ben Sherman at BOR, I think Ms. Benedikt is being brutally honest about Leftist views.  For the so-called Progressives, it's not about quality education, but social engineering. 

If this is what public education is producing...

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